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Smiota’s Top 10 Articles of 2019

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This past year, we’ve covered everything from package theft to buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) as we delved into why package lockers are a leading solution for retailers, businesses, and property managers. To help you catch up with the headlines, here are our ten most-read articles from 2019.

#1. 6 Shocking Stats about Package Theft

E-commerce growth has resulted in 25% of Americans falling victim to package theft, losing an average of $140 per package. Learn more surprising facts about this all-too-common crime.  

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#2. The Ultimate Guide to Smiota Smart Lockers

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. From installation to specifications to cost, find out everything you need to know about securing deliveries in this in-depth look at Smiota’s smart package lockers. 

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#3 Unbeatable Benefits of Smart Package Lockers for Retail Stores

BOPIS has become a popular option for customers who prefer the convenience of online shopping without the risks that come with shipping. Here’s how fulfilling BOPIS orders with smart lockers helps retailers stand out above the competition.

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#4 Smiota BOPIS Smart Locker Solution Featured in Forbes

In a Forbes article on technological transformations in retail, Smiota’s smart lockers were highlighted as a solution for strengthening the BOPIS experience.  

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#5 The Best Tips for Thwarting Package Theft

Companies are delivering everything from cell phones to prescriptions to groceries to doorsteps these days, so it’s no surprise that package theft is a growing fear. In this article, we took a look at some of the ways property managers can help stop this crime and bring peace of mind to their tenants. 

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#6 The Package Theft That Inspired Smiota’s High-Tech Last Yard Solution

There’s a good reason package theft is a primary topic for us  — after all, it was a porch pirate who inspired the creation of Smiota’s package lockers. Get the full story and learn why our lockers excel at securing that last yard of delivery. 

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#7 We Love These Cities, and So Do Package Thieves

No matter where you are, package theft is a growing concern. But these cities are seeing the worst of it. 

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#8 BOPIS Is Growing, and so Is Its Potential

For retailers who are still unsure how BOPIS can benefit their business, we gathered up some stats, tips, and tricks for using store pickup to boost sales, cut costs, and improve customer satisfaction. 

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#9 5 Signs Your Multifamily Building Is Falling Victim to Package Theft

Not sure if package theft is an issue at your property? Here are a few ways to find out.

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#10 Set Your Commercial Development Apart with Smart Lockers

To keep their packages safe, some employees stay home from work on delivery days or ship their items to the office. So, as companies seek their next office space, here’s why they’ll be looking at smart lockers as an important worker benefit.

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Smiota offers package management solutions for retail, corporate, residential, and university applications. To read more, visit our blog!

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