Enterprise Smart Lockers

Maximize delivery efficiency at your workplace 

Introduce office smart lockers as an efficient solution for managing packages, mail, food deliveries, IT assets, and more, all within one platform.

Make your workplace deliveries quick, convenience, and contactless

By eliminating the time-consuming, work-interrupting task of delivering packages directly to employees’ desks, smart lockers reduce the time mailroom staff spends on deliveries by up to 75%. That could free up hours of time each day to direct toward other responsibilities.

The solution makes deliveries easier for employees, too. They receive notifications as soon as their packages go into the lockers, and they can pick them up whenever they have a free moment, using the Smiota app to eliminate unnecessary touch-points. And lockers aren’t just for packages — businesses can manage meal deliveries, IT assets, and more, all within the same platform.

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Our Customers

“We average about 30 to 40 packages a day . . . It used to take us about an hour and a half to deliver all those packages. [With the lockers], that’s been reduced to about 15 to 20 minutes.”

Smart lockers are an essential employee perk

Go completely contactless

Transactions can be contactless by using the Smiota mobile app. UV sanitation and antimicrobial materials are also available to help prevent the spread of pathogens.

Manage more than packages

Smart lockers are a versatile solution — use them for contactless meal deliveries, asset management, or other business needs.

Cut costs, save time

Automated lockers and mailroom software streamline the package management process to reduce operational costs and save staff time.

Boost employee productivity

No more employee interruptions or lines at the mailroom — automatic alerts keep employees informed of their deliveries, and 24/7 access allows them to stop by the lockers at their earliest convenience.

Track and analyze usage data

From a comprehensive web portal, admins can view detailed analytics, remotely manage lockers, run reports, and track transactions to meet SLAs.

Take advantage of API integrations

It’s easy to create a custom, all-in-one solution with Smiota’s flexible API integrations. No matter how you use the lockers — for package delivery, food orders, asset management, and more — you can manage your workflow in one platform.


One platform, 
many applications 

Package delivery

With Smiota Mailroom software and smart lockers, processing, sorting, and delivering packages takes just seconds per package.  

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IT asset management

Smart lockers protect IT assets and help with onboarding new hires, loaning out laptops and accessories, and collecting equipment from employees. 

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Food delivery

Food service providers can deliver food via temperature-controlled and open-back lockers.


Day use lockers

Visitors and employees can use lockers to secure their belongings.  


Facility management task assignment

Effortlessly assign and manage facility maintenance tasks with the Smiota Service app. 

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Customize for all your business needs

Make your lockers work for you — our indoor, outdoor, and temperature-controlled lockers are available in multiple combinations and configurations. Or add custom colors, wraps, and materials to match your brand and maximize protection.

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Just seconds to drop off and pick up

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Staff selects recipient and locker size and deposits package or item


Smiota automatically notifies employee via text, email, and/or app


Employee picks up delivery using a PIN, QR code, or the mobile app

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