The Smiota package automation system saved one company 16 hours a day in mailroom staff time. That amounts to an annual savings of about $76,800. 

When you have over 10,000 employees receiving and sending packages on a daily basis, antiquated package management strategies don’t cut it. Manually transporting, scanning, and delivering each package is time-consuming and exhausting for mailroom employees, especially if the software they’re using to manage all those packages is stuck on a desktop computer. 

That’s what happened at Company A. When they realized their package volume was only going to grow and further burden their staff, they decided to employ Smiota’s smart lockers and enterprise mailroom software to fully automate their workflow. This would guarantee a complete chain of custody (zero packages lost) for hundreds of packages daily. And with the time they saved, staff could manage and track the service of spaces such as conference rooms, printer areas, and cafes. 

The end result was a completely transformed package management process that freed up staff hours and removed the risks of the old system, resulting in super happy employees and cost savings for Company A. 

Here’s their story.

The problem: an inflexible system and overwhelmed mailroom

Processing an average of 225 incoming packages a day was a demanding and difficult process for Company A’s mailroom staff. Although they had a system for managing deliveries, it had its limitations, and they didn’t have a means of securing processed packages.

Back in 2017, this is how Company A handled package deliveries:

Because they were using a mailroom software that could only be installed on a desktop, they had to bring all the packages to a receiving area for scanning. After processing, mailroom staff moved the packages to a staging area. They would then have to deliver the packages directly to each recipient’s desk. 

With more than 12 buildings at Company A’s headquarters, each with multiple floors, it’s easy to see how the delivery process became tedious. Sometimes recipients weren’t at their desks to sign for packages, and the company’s mailroom software didn’t have the capability of sending them notifications, alerts, and reminders. This resulted in an incomplete chain of custody and a high risk of lost and delayed deliveries. 

The solution: Smiota’s package management system

As package volumes steadily increased, Company A needed a solution that would minimize the burden on staff. And, having been restricted to a desktop computer, they wanted to switch to an automated, mobile-friendly package management system. So they sought out a single vendor that could provide both mailroom software and smart lockers. 

Smiota, with its cutting-edge technology, simplified user experience, and exceptional customer support, stood out from competitors. 

After gathering input from Company A’s facility operations, IT, and mailroom teams, it was time for the onboarding process. Smiota prepared Smart Locker installations at all 11 locations at the company’s campus, managing everything from coordinating locker colors and graphics to performing security tests and integrating backend functionality. This saved the staff time and guaranteed chain of custody. Later, Company A integrated Smiota Mailroom to enable the fully integrated model with mobile mailroom software.

Here’s what Company A’s process looks like now: 

When packages arrive at the mailroom, staff use the Smiota mailroom mobile app to scan shipping labels. The wireless printer integration prints a label with the recipient’s name for each scanned package. 

This process only takes about 15 seconds per package. 

Packages are then loaded into the lockers, which triggers an app, text, or email notification to recipients that their packages are ready for pickup. Recipients can easily access the lockers and collect their items through the Smiota app or the code found in their notification message. Perishable, sensitive, or oversized packages are held at the mailroom hub — recipients know to look for them there and can sign for release via a mobile device. 

Smiota’s system has also allowed Company A to simplify its process for outbound mail. Senders deposit their outgoing packages into the lockers, which mailroom employees collect and take to the mailroom hub. There, they scan the packages and hand them off to the courier. Using this process, Company A comfortably handles between 30 and 50 outgoing packages a day.