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Enable quick deliveries for students

Make the best use of your mailroom with an automated end-to-end mail and package management solution.  

Reclaim time, save space, and keep students safe with 

Smiota’s end-to-end mail and package management solution

When thousands of students live on campus, manual mailroom management methods just can’t keep up. The good news is that there’s an easy way to relieve staff from stressful, time-consuming mailroom tasks while creating a better student experience.

Smiota combines smart lockers with mailroom software (or integrates with your existing software) to offer an end-to-end solution for both mail and package deliveries. This solution works for open and closed campuses — couriers can deliver to lockers at multiple dorms and buildings or to a single, centralized mailroom.

Smart lockers reduce package handling time from three minutes to less than 15 seconds per package. So mailrooms can make the best use of available space, optimize package protection, and support social distancing. And students can pick up deliveries at their convenience — no more waiting in pickup lines that make them late for class.

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Our Customers

“What we have done here at UNLV is create a stressless process to receive mail that students now feel is a part of their unique experience living at UNLV.”

Warren Porter

Higher Education Consultant

Smiota’s university solution is a campus advantage

Cut costs and streamline mailroom tasks

Smiota’s smart locker solutions bring automation to the mailroom, so staff members spend less time processing, sorting, and distributing packages. This helps reduce operational costs and boost staff productivity.


Give students convenience and flexibility

With smart lockers, students receive immediate notifications when their packages are ready for pickup. They can retrieve deliveries within just a few seconds — no waiting in line at the mailroom.

Maximize visibility and control with API integrations

Choose between a canned end-to-end solution or a custom solution that integrates with third-party softwares via flexible APIs.


Implement contact-free delivery

Using the Smiota mobile app, there’s no need to interact with a touchscreen — all it takes is a tap of a button in the app to unlock the locker door. UV sanitation and antimicrobial materials are also available to help stop the spread of pathogens.


Prevent theft and loss

Smiota’s system includes package sensors, video surveillance, and a digital record of each transaction to ensure a complete chain of custody.

Protect more than packages

Take smart lockers beyond the mailroom and use them to facilitate the transfer of IT assets, library books, orientation packages, and more.

Connect to 24/7 support

Smiota’s US-based customer support team is always available to provide remote or on-site assistance beyond service level agreement targets.

Comprehensive solution for  
packages and mail 

Package lockers

Facilitate deliveries of packages, textbooks, meals, and more with a wide variety of locker types.

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Smart mailboxes

Save space and eliminate the need for mailbox keys by adding smart mailboxes to smart locker installations.

Receiving software

OCR technology allows for simple, speedy scanning, processing, and management of mail and packages — all from a handheld mobile device.

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Web apps

Access real-time analytics, run detailed reports, and monitor each transaction for full chain of custody tracking.

Mobile app

Further simplify dropoffs and pickups and eliminate unnecessary touch-points with one-click access.

Smarter mail handeling with Smiota Smart Mail

Universities receive thousands of letters and mail pieces every day. Even though only 10% of students receive a letter on a given day, each student typically has a PO box. This takes up a lot of mailroom space and requires countless hours of staff time to:

  • Collect, distribute, and test keys
  • Assign PO boxes and notify new students
  • Look up mislabeled letters
  • Deposit letters into the right box numbers
  • Manually track down lost mail

Smiota’s comprehensive end-to-end solution manages both packages and mail, so there’s no need to have a separate solution for each. 

With smart mailboxes added to each smart locker installation, the process of depositing letters is similar to depositing packages — and it’s much faster than slotting mail into individual boxes. Smart mailboxes take up less space than traditional PO boxes, they provide automatic tracking for letters, and students can receive notifications for both packages and mail through the same system. 

    Expand features, functionality, and fun

    Smiota’s smart lockers come in indoor, outdoor, temperature-controlled, and laminate models to best suit the installation environment and purpose. And it’s easy to boost protective features or add a splash of school spirit with customizable colors, materials, and wraps.

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    Just seconds to drop off and pick up

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    Mailroom staff
    deposits package


    Smiota notifies student via text, email, and/or app


    Student picks up delivery using a PIN, QR code, or the mobile app

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