Standard Smart Locker Solutions

Go contactless with industry-leading smart lockers 

Looking for a game-changing delivery solution? Smiota’s standard indoor locker solution offers your tenants, employees, students, and guests a safe, secure, and simple way to send, receive, and store items. 

Smiota’s indoor smart lockers offer a simple, robust solution for a variety of applications  

Whether you’re looking to streamline deliveries at a corporate mailroom, manage mail for multifamily residents, or provide contactless order pickups for customers, smart lockers provide a simple, secure, and easy-to-use solution. 

Smiota’s standard steel, powder-coated lockers are built to last under heavy indoor use.  

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Unmatched security

No more lost or stolen packages — smart lockers include innovative technology and enterprise-grade security to ensure every delivery reaches its final destination safely. Smiota is SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant.

User-friendly and convenient

Smiota’s simple, self-service system is designed to speed up transactions and allow users to pick up or deposit deliverables at their convenience.

Contactless pickups and dropoffs

Smart lockers prioritize health and safety by reducing touchpoints, supporting social distancing, and offering optional UV-C technology for surface sanitation. 

Every smart locker system includes:

Reliable hardware

Keep packages safe and unauthorized users out with powder-coated steel lockers. With a maintenance contract, Smiota lockers come with a three year warranty.

Cloud-based software

Get Smiota’s Locker Delivery Operating Systems (L-DOS) and industry-leading cloud platform to enable secure last-yard deliveries.

24/7 support

Access our US-based customer support team 24/7/365 to help you exceed service level agreement targets.

Automatic updates

Get instant and automatic software updates to ensure you always have the latest features.

Detailed analytics

Generate real-time performance reports on mailroom efficiency with complete chain of custody tracking.

How can you 
configure your lockers?

Using the main console locker unit as your base, you can create a fully customized locker system by connecting add-on, refrigerated, freezer, and ambient units.

Main console unit
Smiota’s main console units are available in full or half banks with a built-in control center.

Add-on units
Add-on units include a combination of small, medium, and large lockers.

Refrigerated, freezer, heated, and ambient units
Smiota’s refrigerated, freezer, heated, and ambient lockers are temperature-controlled and insulated for sensitive items like groceries, meal kits, and medical delivery servic

Oversized units
Two XL doors or one XXL door can accommodate larger items.

Mail units
32 XS doors manage mail and small parcels

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Choose from a variety of colors or opt for custom wraps to match your company’s branding. Standard Grey color RAL 7040 with White and other custom options are available.

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Smiota Residential Package Lockers

Smiota’s standard indoor lockers include:

  • Steel construction with powder-coated finish
  • UL-certified components
  • Auto-open locker doors and package sensors
  • Barcode and QR code scanner
  • Internet connectivity via ethernet, WiFi, or hotspot
  • RAL 7040 Window Grey

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