Smiota Service

Assign facilities management tasks in minutes

Smiota Service is a no-nonsense automation solution that helps you improve operational efficiency at your properties.

The flexible platform creates, organizes, and distributes facility operations and maintenance tasks so you can focus more on your core responsibilities and less on building upkeep. 

How Smiota Service works

In the Smiota Service Web Portal, administrators can easily create and manage tasks.


Create and Manage Rooms

Creating rooms in the Smiota Service web portal is a breeze. Simply create a room, assign a name, and categorize. Think conference, print and copy, cafeteria — the possibilities are endless!

Managing multiple facilities? No problem. You can specify where each room is located by building.  

Build Custom Task Lists

Different rooms come with different to-do lists. Make upkeep as simple as possible by creating and assigning task lists by room type.

And to build a more customized maintenance schedule, you can also create one-off tasks. 


Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Our new COVID-19 Cleaning feature allows you to automatically add cleaning and disinfecting tasks that help prevent the spread of pathogens.

Generate Reports

With just one click, you gain access to a complete list of rooms, room types, buildings, tasks, and more.

Plus, you can generate Service Level Agreement (SLA) Reports based on frequency, date range, building, and room type. 

Using the Smiota Service app is easy as 1-2-3

Service staff can use the Smiota Service Mobile App to track their progress in real time.

Smiota Service Mobile Barcode

1. Scan

Use the mobile app to scan the room that’s next on your list.

Smiota Service Mobile Barcode

2. Check

As you complete each task, simply check them off!

Smiota Service Mobile Task List

3. Finish

Once the room is complete, tap “Finish” and move on to the next room.

What to expect

24/7 Support

Our U.S.-based customer support team is available 24/7 to exceed Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets.


Enterprise-grade Capabilities

Smiota Service is an enterprise-level software capable of handling any size workload. 

Detailed Analytics

Best-in-class reporting and predictive analytics maximize mailroom efficiency and track complete chain of custody.

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