Mailroom Automation Software

Organize your mailroom in minutes

Smiota’s enterprise-class mailroom software turns any room into a secure package delivery center.

All you need is a smartphone and active subscription.

No Fancy Equipment Necessary


Quick and Easy Package Logging


Full Chain of Custody Tracking and Visibility

How Smiota Mailroom works


Using your mobile device or scanner, scan all of your incoming packages. Smiota Mailroom will automatically record each tracking number.



Sort your deliveries by recipient name, delivery location, special instructions, package type, and more.


Register each package in the system using the mobile app.  



Smiota Mailroom automatically notifies recipients once their package is safely deposited into a locker or ready to be delivered.



Deliver the packages or wait for recipients to pick up their items. After that, Smiota Mailroom releases the delivery from the system and records the entire transaction, ensuring that you have access to a full chain of custody record.

Managing incoming and outgoing packages is easier than you think. Get started in minutes.

Design and manage your workflow using Smiota Mailroom PRO

Smiota Mailroom PRO can help you tackle the most complex package and mail delivery challenges.

In just a few clicks, you can customize your workflows, create custom package statuses and set allowed transitions, provide special instructions for packages and recipients, and more.


Secure the last yard of delivery and record a complete chain of custody


Facilitate 1000s of package deliveries across multiple buildings and large campuses


Create custom package statuses, delivery and recipients instructions, workflows, and more


Manage and create your custom workflows, track package deliveries, and more from your desktop or smartphone


Automatically remind recipients to pick up perishables and manage deliveries while recipients are on vacation


View entire package transactions in a single click and provide recipients with unique logins to check their package status

Mailroom Standard vs. PRO

Mailroom Standard

  • Easy Package Scanning
    Digital Log of all Incoming/Outgoing Packages
    Recipient Notifications
    Secure Pick-up With Built-in Signature
    Automatic Reminders
    Analytics and Reporting

Mailroom PRO

  • Everything from Mailroom Standard
    Responsive Web-based App
    Custom Workflows
    Custom Packages Statuses
    Special Delivery and Receipt Instructions
    Real-time Package Tracking

Why is mailroom automation essential for your property?

Keeps Packages Safe

Smiota Mailroom records the full chain of custody, helping to ensure that packages stay safe and secure.

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Saves on Costs

See how one company uses Smiota Mailroom and smart lockers to save their mailroom staff 16 hours a day. 

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Enables Contactless Delivery

Paired with smart lockers, Smiota Mailroom enables contactless package delivery and encourages social distancing.

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What our customers are saying

Ellen De Lude

Vice President, LIVEbe Communities

We believe package lockers are a state-of-the-art amenity that will provide a true benefit to our residents.

Warren Porter

Warren Porter

Higher Education Consultant

Introducing Smiota’s package management solution significantly reduced the time taken to process hundreds of packages received daily.

What to expect

24/7 Support

Our U.S.-based customer support team is available 24/7 to exceed Service Level Agreement (SLA) targets.


Enterprise-grade Capabilities

This enterprise-grade software is capable of handling any size mailroom and includes hub + spoke routing capabilities and role-based user security features.

Detailed Analytics

Best-in-class reporting and predictive analytics maximize mailroom efficiency and track complete chain of custody.

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