Asset Management Smart Lockers

Smart security for smart devices

Modernize your asset management system and keep your technology safe with an easy-to-use, self-serve smart locker platform. 

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Protect your most valuable assets and streamline checkouts with an automated smart locker solution

Losing essential equipment and devices to damage, theft, and misplacement is costly, especially without a reliable system for tracing lost assets back to employees. And employees can lose a lot of shift time traveling to different areas of the worksite to sign out and return items.

Smart lockers simplify asset management for IT teams and employees. They provide top-notch security and a digital, real-time record of transactions so you can keep track of assets and know who’s responsible for missing items. The easy-to-use, self-serve technology brings assets closer to employees and can charge devices when not in use, so employees have quick access to ready-to-use equipment. And automated alerts help ensure safe, timely returns.

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Smart lockers are the smart solution

Monitor inventory and accountability

The real-time dashboard makes it easy to track the retrieval and return of all assets and hold employees responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.


Get automated updates and alerts

IT staff can receive automatic notifications when users don’t return equipment or miss a pickup.  Automated reminders also keep employees posted on when they should pick up and return items.

Save time with easy access

You won’t need to stow assets in a staff-monitored storage room — smart lockers bring secure storage closer to the job site, so employees can access and return their equipment and devices within seconds.

Power devices between uses

Devices charge within the lockers so they’re always ready for the next shift.

Promote health and safety

With antimicrobial features and touchless technology, smart lockers help prevent pathogen transmission and support social distancing protocols.

A secure space for all

smiota smart locker options

Smiota offers both indoor and outdoor lockers in several different types and configurations to secure a wide variety of assets — whether you need oversized lockers for large equipment, weather-resistant lockers for outdoor storage, or open back lockers to charge devices when not in use. You can also customize your lockers with color, graphics, and advanced materials.

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Fast, easy workflows to improve productivity

After the quick process of installing smart lockers, training employees, and setting up API integrations with your current asset management systems, you’re ready to streamline equipment sign-out and return. 

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IT staff members scan and deposit items into locker compartments


Authorized employees use provided QR codes, passcodes, or the Smiota app to pick up items


To return items, employees scan and deposit them back into the lockers

Smiota offers API integration with existing systems to provide an entirely seamless check-in and check-out experience.

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