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Mailroom automation and package lockers for your business

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 or a rapidly-scaling startup, our automation solutions can help you manage your office mailroom.

Your go-to solution for facilities with a centralized receiving hub and multiple delivery locations

Streamline Your Workflow With Smart Lockers + Mailroom Software

Avoid Costly Third-Party Integrations


Track Packages From Delivery to Destination


Access Full Chain of Custody Reporting

Automated Package
Logging & Delivery

Sick of spending hours sorting and distributing office deliveries?

Our mailroom automation solution will help you reclaim your time.

Never lose a package again with Smiota’s mailroom automation software

Keeping track of all of your incoming deliveries has never been easier.

Use your smartphone and our mailroom software to automatically log your packages. In just 15 seconds per package, you’ll be well on your way to taming your mailroom chaos. 

Keep deliveries safe in Smiota’s Urban PoDs [smart lockers]

After you log the day’s deliveries, you’ll want to keep them safe until pickup. That’s where our Urban PoDs come in. 

Depending on your smart locker setup, you can quickly sort packages into small, medium, large, and oversized lockers. We even offer refrigerated and freezing units so you can keep temperature-sensitive packages cool. 

That’s it! Once you process all your packages, we’ll automaticaly notify recipients that they have a package ready for pickup.  

Rapid Package Pickup

Stop wasting your lunch hour waiting for deliveries.
Use Urban PoDs with the Smiota App to skip the line.

Give your smartphone package pickup superpowers

You have your smartphone on you anyway, so why not use it to pick up your packages? 

When you use our user-friendly mobile app, you’ll recieve a push notification whenever a delivery is available in your office’s smart package locker. All you need to do is press a button in the app to open the locker (or lockers, if you have more than one package). And when you use the mobile app, there’s no need to remember access codes or stand in line at the kiosk.

Download the app in the Google Play or App store

Access your deliveries from the smart locker kiosk

Prefer to not download another app? You can still use our smart lockers! 

You can opt for email or text notifications that include a QR code and PIN that will unlock your package locker. Just visit the smart locker kiosk and enter your info to retrieve your delivery. 

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