Temperature-Controlled Locker Solutions

Secure items at the perfect temperature

Keep deliveries cold, cool, warm, or hot with adjustable, programmable temperature controls and HeatWave™ and ArcticLock™ technology.

Get the convenience of  smart lockers with built-in heating and cooling systems

Do your residents get their groceries delivered? 

Are you a restaurant owner looking for secure, heated storage for pickup and to-go deliveries? 

Or do you run a local pharmacy and want to expand your curbside pickup capabilities? 

Whether people choose home delivery or click-and-collect, temperature-sensitive items always need a secure place to chill until pickup time. 

That’s why Smiota offers temperature-controlled smart lockers. You can install these in or outside of offices, apartments, and college campuses, as well as at businesses like grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and more.  

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Our Customers

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Locker types

Smiota has four types of temperature-controlled locker units, each available for indoor or outdoor installation. 

Refrigerator Unit Adjustable Temperature

34ºF – 43ºF

Freezer Unit Adjustable Temperature

-7.6ºF – 1.5ºF

Ambient Unit Adjustable Temperature

41ºF – 77ºF

Heated Unit Adjustable Temperature

104ºF – 131ºF



Adjustable temps for every need

Refrigerated, frozen, ambient, and heated models protect everything from fresh and frozen groceries to meal deliveries, prescriptions, flowers, and more.


24/7/365 convenience

Users can retrieve their temperature-sensitive items whenever it’s most convenient — even after closing time.

Contactless package retrieval

Smiota’s smart locker systems prioritize health and safety by reducing all contact, supporting social distancing, and providing touchless transactions.

Every temperature-controlled smart locker system from Smiota includes:

Reliable hardware

Keep packages safe and unauthorized users out with heavy-gauge steel lockers.

Cloud-based software

Get Smiota’s Locker Delivery Operating Systems (LDOS) secure and industry-leading cloud platform to enable  last-yard deliveries.

24/7 support

Access our US-based customer support team 24/7/365 to help you exceed service level agreement targets.

Automatic updates

Get instant and automatic software updates to ensure you always have the latest features.

Detailed analytics

Generate real-time performance reports on mailroom efficiency with complete chain of custody tracking.


Select colors and custom wraps to match your company’s branding. 

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Materials and installation

  • Welded 1.5mm steel construction
  • UL-certified components
  • Powder-coated, anti-corrosive finish

Locker compartments

  • Auto-open 
  • 88 pound capacity 
  • Lock and package sensors  

Control center

  • Outdoor-rated Samsung tablet
  • Barcode and QR code scanner
  • Internet connectivity via ethernet, WiFi, or hotspot  


  • Polyurethane insulation layer
  • Digital, programmable temperature controller

How can you 
configure your lockers?

You can create a fully customized locker system by connecting add-on, refrigerated, freezer, heated, and ambient units together.

Refrigerated Package Lockers

Customer requirements

Temperature-controlled locker unit works with a console unit connected via RS 485A and requires a 110V (US) or 220V power supply (UK/Europe), as well as a power outlet at 90” from the ground.

For outdoor applications, you must install the locker banks under a 5’ wide canopy/awning.

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