Retail & BOPIS Smart Lockers

Complete your omnichannel strategy

Discover a fully-customizable solution that seamlessly blends into your retail ecosystem to deliver a simplified, contactless user experience to store associates and customers.

Make your BOPIS solution safer, smarter, and simpler

Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) is becoming an essential component of omnichannel strategies, helping retailers bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar and online shopping. But customer expectations are high, challenging retailers to deliver faster, contactless pickup methods. 

Backed by 24/7 support and enterprise-grade security, Smiota’s smart lockers offer the perfect solution for retailers that want to enhance their BOPIS service with improved inventory tracking, operational efficiency, and order fulfillment. 

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BOPIS is better with smart lockers

Enhance your omnichannel strategy

Extensive APIs allow smart lockers to integrate with existing order fulfillment software and customer-facing apps — so everything falls within a single platform. And retailers can completely customize this omnichannel upgrade with Smiota’s white label retail locker solution.


Provide contactless checkouts

Unlike curbside pickup, customers don’t need employee assistance to pick up their orders from smart lockers. They can minimize touchpoints by unlocking their orders via an easy-to-use mobile app. And additional protective features like UV sanitation and antimicrobial materials help keep shared surfaces germ-free.

Boost customer satisfaction

Lockers make it easier to fulfill same-day orders, allowing customers to have their items in hand faster than at-home delivery. They can complete pickups at their convenience, without waiting for customer service.


Save staff time

Smart lockers make it easy to organize and track BOPIS orders, and employees won’t have to pivot away from other tasks to assist with pickups.


Maintain temperatures

Temperature-controlled lockers effectively preserve groceries, prescriptions, and other sensitive items until customer pickup.

Access analytics

Through Smiota’s system, retailers have easy access to a comprehensive web portal, where they can view real-time analytics, run reports, track locker utilization, and more.

Just seconds to drop off and pick up

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Staff fulfills online customer order and deposits into a locker


Smiota automatically notifies the customer via text, email, and/or app


Customer picks up order using a PIN, QR code, or the mobile app

Our retail customers

We’ve partnered with some of the nation’s top retailers to help optimize their BOPIS strategies using smart locker solutions. With our smart locker system in place, leading retailers are able to reduce inefficiencies and better serve their customers.


Implement hassle-free contactless pickups and lighten associate workloads



Record full chain of custody, avoid lost orders, and provide on-time deliveries


Give customers the convenience of 24/7 access to their pickup orders

Your branded locker solution powered by Smiota

Smiota’s white label retail locker solution allows you to completely customize lockers with colors, wraps, and logos, as well as a fully-branded user interface and custom workflows.

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Lockers for every order

Want to allow customers to pick up orders outside of store hours? Need to preserve temperature-sensitive items like groceries, flowers, or prescriptions? Or add an extra layer of defense against dirt and bacteria? Smiota offers several locker types and configurations to optimize your new order pickup solution.

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