Supply Chain Smart Lockers

Manage a secure, efficient supply chain

Streamline your supply chain and ensure a secure chain of custody with smart lockers. 

From warehouse to retailer to customer, smart lockers ensure goods arrive safely

Managing a supply chain through a network of warehouses can be complex and costly. And today’s fast-paced world adds another layer of challenges.

But there’s a simple solution.

Smart lockers streamline the movement of goods by securely storing inventory in easily accessible locations that are closer to drivers, employees, and customers. This approach drastically reduces delivery and pickup time and saves companies countless hours and dollars.

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Let lockers lighten the workload 


Save time and space

  • Free up warehouse space and bring essential items closer to those who need them
  • Provide a single delivery, pickup, and return location
  • Reduce warehouse and retail operating hours  

Simplify daily transactions

  • Get started right away — user-friendly lockers require minimal training
  • Speed up deposits and pickups to seconds per transaction
  • Keep users informed with automated alerts

Secure the supply chain

  • Prevent unauthorized access with state-of-the-art technology and heavy-duty features  
  • Easily track transactions and other key metrics in real-time via a comprehensive reporting dashboard

Keep the workplace safe with contactless technology

Give staff space

Support social distancing and eliminate the need for person-to-person contact

Promote safe transactions

Stop the spread of pathogens by storing items in separate units

Reduce touchpoints

Users can avoid the touchscreen and use a smartphone or QR code to access lockers

Lockers for every need

There’s a Smiota locker to handle the storage and transfer of a wide variety of items — including high-value electronics and equipment, fragile products and materials like glass bottles and flowers, and temperature-sensitive food and prescriptions. Oversized lockers can accommodate larger items that don’t fit into standard units.

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Use cases

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Servicing equipment

1. A driver picks up new equipment from the warehouse and deposits it into strategically-placed lockers. To save time, drivers can transport items for multiple technicians to nearby lockers.

2. Technicians retrieve the new equipment from the lockers when needed to complete installations at customer locations.

3. Technicians then bring back the customers’ old equipment and return it using the lockers.

4. A driver picks up all the old equipment from the lockers and takes it to the warehouse.

Delivery Driver
Scanning package

Retail deliveries and returns

1. Warehouse staff can pick up and transport items from warehouses to smart lockers installed at retail locations. 

2. Once employees process and deposit the items, Smiota’s system alerts the retail customers of the arrival via text, email, or mobile app. 

3. Using a code provided by the system notification, customers access the lockers and retrieve the items. 

4. Customers can also return items to the warehouse by depositing them into lockers and notifying warehouse staff. Since the lockers offer 24/7 access, warehouse staff can collectively pick up any returned items when it’s convenient, even outside of store hours.



“Smiota helped us design a custom workflow to reduce the amount of time our technicians and supply chain team spend on equipment transactions. Their team allowed us to be innovative while keeping things simple, ensuring that we ended up with an efficient solution which was easy for our staff to use.”

Jodi Hallen

Senior Director, Comcast

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