Government & Correctional Facility Smart Lockers

Keep personal belongings safe and secure

Provide a safe place to store personal belongings and eliminate the need for staff to facilitate pickups with smart lockers.

Maximize space, security, and efficiency in your facilities with smart lockers

A common problem for government and correctional facilities is having limited on-site space — and insufficient systems — for organizing and securely stowing visitors’  and offenders’ personal belongings. Those systems also require staff to be present for pickups for security purposes, which takes up their valuable time. 

Smart lockers are a highly customizable and adaptable solution that makes the most of available space and resources. They provide a safe place to store personal belongings, which eliminates the need for staff to supervise pickups. With simple workflows and a digital record of transactions, nothing falls through the cracks, ensuring a complete chain of custody. 

See how Spokane County Jail became the first to use Smiota’s smart lockers for managing inmates’ belongings.

Smart lockers are a proven partner in protection

Put health and safety first

Smart lockers are designed to prevent pathogen contamination, minimize touchpoints, and support social distancing.


Save space, ensure security

Smiota’s smart lockers are a versatile, space-saving solution for short-term storage. They require unique pin codes to access lockers, come equipped with anti-tampering features, and are backed by advanced technology that protects user data.

Complete the chain of custody

Admins can track deposits and pickups and ensure full chain of custody recording. They can also tap into real-time analytics to calculate officer time-savings, optimize locker utilization, and improve efficiency.

A functional, flexible system for every facility

Using various types and configurations, smart lockers safeguard and facilitate the transfer or storage of personal items of all shapes and sizes. We also make it easy to customize lockers with color, branding, and additional layers of protection.

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Easy transactions via mobile device

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Staff scans authentication badge, selects locker size, and deposits items


Smiota automatically notifies the recipient or records an incident number


The recipient (visitor, offender, or family member) picks up items

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