Smart locker solutions

Master contactless delivery and pick up and make lost packages, spoiled deliveries, and dissatisfied customers a thing of the past with Smiota’s smart locker solutions

Simple, secure, and safe solutions for every application

Backed by cutting-edge technology and innovative features, smart lockers make it easy to automate mailrooms at corporate, residential, university, and correctional facilities. Or speed up order fulfillment for retail stores, libraries, and restaurants. They support social distancing with fully touchless transactions, ensure a complete and secure chain of custody, and are built to safeguard deliveries for years to come.

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Key benefits

Here are just some of the reasons that Smiota is the platform of choice for top retailers, enterprise-level organizations, property management companies, and more.


Save staff time

Completely automate delivery and receiving — no need to hand-deliver items or monitor a mailroom. 

Empower recipients

Give your customers, residents, and employees 24/7 access to pick up, ship, and return deliveries.


Enhance security

Lockers include security features to complete the chain of custody and prevent lost, damaged, and stolen deliveries. 


Customize your solution

Extensive APIs integrate smart lockers with your existing software and apps. And with Smiota’s white labelling option, you can completely customize your solution. 

Maximize health and safety

Completely contactless transactions

Smiota has always provided contactless pickups via the Smiota Mobile App — one click on a smartphone is all it takes to unlock deliveries. 

Now, the same app powers contactless deposits, too. In addition to creating touchless transactions, this technology allows multiple couriers and recipients to access the locker pod simultaneously, even when the kiosk is busy.

UV-C technology​

Programmable UV-C bulbs disinfect the inside of locker doors while not in use.

Antimicrobial protection

​Laminate lockers are available with an antimicrobial additive to prevent stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. This protection is permanent and extends the life of the laminate, even in high humidity areas.

Every smart locker system includes:

Reliable hardware

Keep packages safe and unauthorized users out with heavy-gauge steel lockers.

Cloud-based software

Get Smiota’s Locker Delivery Operating Systems (LDoS) and industry-leading cloud platform to enable secure last-yard deliveries.

24/7 support

Access our US-based customer support team 24/7/365 to help you exceed service level agreement targets.

Automatic updates

Get instant and automatic software updates to ensure you always have the latest features.

Detailed analytics

Generate world-class analytics reports on mailroom efficiency with complete chain of custody tracking.

Find your perfect match

Indoor lockers

Smiota’s standard steel, powder-coated lockers are tough enough for heavy indoor use​ and are available in multiple locker door sizes and configurations. But there are plenty of options to choose from if you need your lockers to do even more.

Outdoor lockers

Outdoor smart lockers are equipped with heavy-gauge steel construction and added protective features — the best option for facilities with limited indoor space or those that need to offer 24/7 transactions.

Temperature-controlled lockers

Smiota’s refrigerated, frozen, ambient, and heated lockers keep sensitive items like groceries, meal deliveries, and medications at safe temperatures.


Laminate lockers

With laminate lockers, you can select the colors, textures, and materials that fit your facility’s features and maximize defense against daily use. Backloading laminate lockers are also available — these include an open back for easy deposits.

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  Standard Indoor Rugged Outdoor Temperature-controlled Laminate
Compatible with Smiota mobile app x x x x
Enables one click, contactless pickup and drop-off x x x x
Custom color and branding options x x x x
Rust- and heat-resistant construction x x x x
Weather-resistant construction   x    
UL certified x x x x
NSF certified     x  
Touchscreen interface x x x x
Infrared package sensors x x x x
ADA compliant access x x x x
Available in multiple locker door and size configurations x x    
Indoor x   x x
Outdoor use optional   x x  
UV-C technology availability x x    
LED lighting   x    
External weather shelter   x    
Weather-sealed doors   x    
Antimicrobial protection       x
Backloading option       x

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Deposit Package

The Smiota difference

Simple user registration

Easily send out registration links to invite residents, tenants, or customers to sign up as locker users.

Package sensors

Each locker door has a sensor to detect deposited items and report successful deliveries.


Locker reservation

To save time and prevent delays, the Smiota Web Portal allows users to choose an available locker door, reserve it, and print a package or order label — all from one spot.

Delivery combination

If there are multiple deliveries for a single recipient, couriers and staff can deposit them into the same locker door to save space and simplify pickups.

Widest possible API integration

We make it easy to add integrations such as single sign-on, custom messages, logos, and brand color integration to your smart locker solution.

Mailroom automation software

Organize your mailroom in minutes. Our enterprise-class mailroom software turns any room into a secure package delivery center.

Ways to use smart lockers

Our customers use smart lockers for a wide variety of applications.

Smiota Residential Package Lockers
Smiota Retail Package Lockers
Smiota University Package Lockers
Smiota University Package Lockers
Smiota University Package Lockers
Smiota University Package Lockers
Smiota University Package Lockers


Multifamily properties use smart lockers and Smiota’s software to manage and track package deliveries from courier dropoff to resident pickup.

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Retail stores boost their BOPIS services with smart lockers — Smiota’s solution integrates with the store app so customers can order, track, and complete the pickup process all from a mobile device.

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Universities use Smiota’s Mailroom Software to process incoming packages before depositing them to locker locations, which provides a quick, easy pickup option for students. Say goodbye to long mailroom lines!

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Foodservice facilities swiftly move orders from the kitchen to the customer with backloading lockers, which have an open back for easy deposits.


Libraries use smart lockers as a contactless delivery solution for holds, deposits, and pickups.

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Government facilities

Government facilities can easily secure, store, and retrieve personal property with smart lockers.

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Asset management

Smart lockers help facilitate asset transfer for warehouses, retail stores, labs, hospitals, and more.

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Main console unit

Smiota’s main console unit has 13 lockers (five small, six medium, and two large) along with a built-in control center.

Add-on units

Add-on units include a combination of small, medium, and large lockers

Temperature controlled units

Eight doors to protect temperature-sensitive items

Laundry units

Four doors designed for dry cleaning and other laundry service drop-offs

Large and oversized units

Two XL doors or one XXL door to accommodate larger items

Mail units

32 XS doors accomidate mail and small parcels

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What our customers are saying

Ellen De Lude

Vice President, LIVEbe Communities

We believe package lockers are a state-of-the-art amenity that will provide a true benefit to our residents.

Maria Meachum

Library Director, Wilmington Library

I was looking for a curbside holds and delivery solution and Smiota was flexible and quick to respond. They developed a workflow that holds and delivers library books. 24/7 pickup is an excellent service.

Warren Porter

Warren Porter

Higher Education Consultant

Introducing Smiota’s package management solution significantly reduced the time taken to process hundreds of packages received daily.

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