Multifamily Smart Lockers

Secure deliveries  and save staff time

Implement smart lockers for an easy-to-use, contactless solution that streamlines the pickup and delivery of packages, laundry, groceries, and more. 

Secure deliveries in lockers and relieve your staff from package management

Due to an overwhelming number of daily deliveries at multifamily properties, packages often end up piled in a lobby, cluttering a mailroom, or sitting outside residents’ doors. This lack of security leaves packages extremely vulnerable to theft and burdens staff with accepting, safeguarding, and hand-delivering them.  Plus, the pandemic accelerated the demand for e-commerce, so package problem has only worsened.

That’s why smart lockers have become a must-have multifamily amenity.

With this simple solution, all packages — along with a wide variety of other deliverables like groceries, meal orders, and dry cleaning — go to a designated, secure area. The lockers are so easy to use that pickups and dropoffs take mere seconds, and property staff can step away from package management to focus on more important tasks. 

Within just 24 hours, Smiota can install and set up a new locker system that will transform package management for your multifamily community, offering a quick, convenient, and contactless pickup experience for your residents.

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Our Customers

“We believe package lockers are a state-of-the-art amenity that will provide a true benefit to our residents.”

Ellen De Lune

VP, LIVEbe Communities

Why smart lockers are a must-have amenity


Provide theft-proof protection

With Smiota’s innovative package sensors, video surveillance, and automatic transaction recording, the smart locker platform monitors all pickups and deliveries to ensure a complete chain of custody.

Access detailed analytics

Property staff can manage and oversee deliveries via a comprehensive web portal, where they have immediate access to resident info, locker analytics, and more powerful metrics.

Manage more than packages

Temperature-controlled and oversized lockers allow residents to use the lockers for grocery and meal deliveries, dry cleaning, prescriptions, and more — all managed within the same platform.

Boost resident satisfaction

Pickups take just seconds with easy-to-use smart lockers, and 24/7 access allows residents to swing by and fetch their deliveries when it’s most convenient for them.


Save staff and courier time with simple drop-offs

All delivery personnel can use the Smiota platform to quickly drop off orders at a single location. They can even deposit multiple deliveries for one recipient in a single locker compartment. Property staff can take  a hands-off approach to package management tasks with smart lockers. 

Encourage safe, contactless deliveries and pickups

Smiota’s system supports contactless pickups via mobile app. By using a phone, there’s no need to interact with the kiosk, and doors open automatically upon activation. UV sanitation and antimicrobial materials are also available to help prevent the spread of pathogens.


Send automated delivery notifications

Residents will receive automated notifications when their packages are ready for pickup, as well as reminders if they forget to stop by the lockers. Similarly, the system can alert property staff about unclaimed packages so they can take appropriate action.

Leverage API integrations

Smiota’s system integrates with your property management software to create an all-in-one, end-to-end solution.


The Smiota difference

Multifamily professionals choose Smiota over competitors for our easy-of-use system, unique locker features, and superior customer service.

“We chose Smiota for their highly innovative package delivery platform that offers our residents a great package experience and excellent 24/7 customer support.”
Kevin Hott, VP of Information Systems & Technology at E&S Ring Management Corp

Smiota Package Lockers Pickup

A solution tailored to your needs

Go beyond our standard locker types and configurations with outdoor, temperature-controlled, and laminate lockers. We make it easy to blend lockers with your brand using custom colors, materials, and designs. 

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Just seconds to drop off and pick up

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Courier selects recipient and locker size and deposits package


 Smiota automatically notifies the recipient via text, email, and/or app


 Recipient picks up package using a PIN, QR code, or the mobile app

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