Dozens, if not hundreds, of packages come and go from office buildings each day, sometimes more than the mailroom staff and infrastructure can bear. The result is that building resources are constrained by the effort to keep up with incoming and outgoing deliveries.

Thankfully, there are ways to overcome the struggle of package management and add more flexibility to commercial properties. Let’s take a look at how smart package lockers open up opportunities for businesses to do more with their space, time, and staff.

Clear out clutter and chaos

Piles of packages and disorganized mailrooms can be an eyesore in an otherwise pleasant environment. Such untidy sights can leave visitors with a bad impression of the company, especially if deliveries are kept in places like entryways and lobbies. 

Package lockers help businesses stay orderly and free from clutter. Deliveries housed in stay out of the mailroom and completely hidden from guests. Even better, companies can add specific colors, graphics, and designs to the lockers to make them an attractive addition to the workplace.  

With packages safe inside the lockers, businesses may even be able to free up enough space to redesign and repurpose their mailrooms and other areas packages frequently occupy. And since recipients can retrieve packages on their own, there’s no need to leave space at the front desk or mailroom for congested pickup lines. 

Operate outside of schedules

Sometimes employees can’t take time out of their busy schedules to pick up and drop off their mail. It can be difficult for them to work within limited mailroom hours, particularly if there’s a long line.

Businesses can solve this predicament by installing package lockers in a location that’s always accessible. Employees then have the flexibility to collect their deliveries when it’s most convenient. And if couriers also have 24/7 access to the lockers, they can seamlessly complete deliveries on weekends and during evening hours.

Rescue overburdened staff 

Without smart lockers, package management can be a time-consuming and demanding task. Mailroom workers are continuously being interrupted by delivery personnel, scanning and sorting packages, and distributing them to recipients. Some tasks can leave staff on their feet for long periods of the day, often carrying heavy boxes between rooms, floors, and buildings.

Entrusting some of these responsibilities to automation frees up staff, and smart lockers eliminate the most tedious part of the process — receiving and distributing packages. The lockers are self-service, so no staff assistance is necessary for couriers to deposit packages and recipients to pick them up. 

For businesses, that’s a lot of time and money saved that can be reallocated to other needs. Staff can devote time to other property management tasks, learn new skills, take on other roles, or even work remotely. They won’t have to be tied to a desk or mailroom and can be more versatile in their work.

If you’re curious about what smart package lockers can do for your company, contact us today.