Modern workers demand modern amenities — including innovative solutions that protect their packages. Take a look at why smart lockers are a good investment for commercial property managers looking to attract their ideal tenants.

Package theft isn’t going anywhere

With 1 in 4 people experiencing package theft these days, employees take one of two actions to keep their personal deliveries safe.

  1. Stay home from work on delivery day
  2. Send packages to the office

Nearly half of Americans stay home for deliveries, but this option has its downsides. Although staying home seems like a guaranteed way to safeguard packages, thieves are fast and fearless. Sometimes porch pirates follow even delivery trucks so they can get packages as soon as they land on the porch.

More personal packages are going to the office

Leaving the office isn’t always an option, so 15% of online shoppers ship personal packages to their work address. Unfortunately, this creates a headache for the property staff like receptionists, security personnel, and office managers — they’re the ones receiving, logging, and distributing those deliveries. And if no one is around when a courier arrives, who knows where the package may end up.

Businesses see package lockers as a fringe benefit

Employers value their staff and choose amenities that keep them safe, comfortable, inspired, and productive.

With the help of technology like smart lockers, businesses realize that package protection at work is an excellent perk. Package lockers make it easy for employees to retrieve their deliveries when it’s most convenient for them. That means workers don’t have to skip out of the office to grab a delivery, constantly check their phones for drop-off notifications, or worry about whether or not their packages will be on the porch when they get home.

The bottom line: smart lockers are a win-win solution for businesses and developers

Chaotic mailrooms are a turn-off for companies looking for office space, so it’s time for commercial property developers to seek alternatives.  

A modern, technology-driven package management solution like package lockers will free up property staff for more important tasks that keep companies happy — like checking in visitors, responding to maintenance requests, and adding more smart building tech that businesses crave.


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