Before the pandemic, only 20% of employees worked from home all or most of the time. By October 2020, that percentage jumped to 71%, with more than half wanting to keep working from home after the pandemic. 

This dramatic shift toward remote work impacted the expectations of multifamily residents. Now, more renters are prioritizing amenities that promote a productive work environment. 

Here are some of the most in-demand amenities that make it easy for residents to work where they live.

Enhanced connectivity

Connectivity is essential to teleworking — slow internet speeds and spotty cell service make it difficult for employees to stay focused and work effectively. 

Remote-working renters will be looking for reliable wireless connectivity services that stay fast in and around the building, as well as top-notch internet security to protect their work data. High-speed internet is also part of a basic technology package that renters would be willing to pay extra to have. 

Dedicated workspaces

While some remote employees prefer an in-unit workspace, others may want to have more separation between their living and working areas. 

Many multifamily professionals are responding to work-for-home demands with design changes, such as adding various indoor and outdoor workspaces and creating larger apartments that include space for home offices.

Zoom-worthy meeting areas

Eight in ten adults who work from home all or most of the time use online video conferencing services. And, ideally, they’ll need a private space for these meetings that’s professional and presentable. 

To support these employees, property managers can set up on-site, Zoom-friendly conference rooms that include sufficient lighting, attractive backgrounds, and quality audiovisual equipment. 

Noise reduction 

It can be challenging to focus on work in a busy apartment building. Building noise cancellation features into floors and walls and implementing quiet hours can help create a quiet environment for everyone.

Changes in scenery

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from work without straying too far from the desk. Or just switch up the working location. 

Work-from-home renters will take advantage of a variety of amenities that help them refresh and recharge, including:

  • Outdoor areas
  • Recreational activities
  • Dog parks and walking areas 
  • Coffee shops
  • Lounges

Package management solutions

Now that more residents regularly receive both personal and business deliveries, mailroom security is of utmost importance. But manual methods of managing and safeguarding packages pose loss and theft risks.

Solutions like mailroom software, secure package rooms, and smart lockers help ensure that residents receive all their mail swiftly and safely. 

To learn more about how smart package management technology helps multifamily properties better accommodate remote workers, please reach out to our team.