Times have certainly changed, and some multifamily residents are shying away from shared amenities in favor of those that promote health, safety, and social distancing. 

Here are a few of the most in-demand apartment amenities that are helping renters adjust to the new normal.

Virtual amenities

It could be a while before popular apartment amenities like pools, fitness centers, and coffee shops are operating at full capacity again. In the meantime, tenants will need an alternative way to access services, connect with others, and make the most of their leisure time.

Fortunately, we live in a world where technology makes it possible to take advantage of certain types of amenities from a distance. By taking part in things from online exercise sessions and cooking classes to virtual happy hours and coffee breaks, multifamily residents can still stay healthy, learn new things, and socialize. 

Property managers can better support those cooped up in their apartments by offering online subscriptions and organizing regular virtual get-togethers among residents.  

Improved air quality

Residents are longing for fresh, clean air now that they’re spending more time indoors. 

Upgrading your HVAC systems, paying special attention to filtration, can go a long way in improving your property’s air quality. The goal is to boost air circulation and purification, effectively minimizing odors, toxins, and allergens and preventing the spread of pathogens. 

But sometimes “getting fresh air” means stepping outside for a moment. So, in the spirit of social distancing, private outdoor amenities like balconies and patios will become more important. 

An office at home

Many multifamily properties have already incorporated coworking spaces into their designs to accommodate those who work remotely. These days, this amenity is becoming of greater importance — more employees are working away from the office and hope to continue to doing so in the coming months, at least for part of the workweek. 

Remote employees who can work from a dedicated room at home report greater concentration and creativity than they had while working at their offices. In the short term, property managers can provide this by dividing larger common rooms into individual workspaces, as well as adding small meeting rooms equipped with audiovisual technology. 

But when planning for future tenants, it may be worthwhile to incorporate these types of spaces into apartment units. For smaller apartments, this could be as simple as building niche areas in existing rooms.


Automation has numerous benefits for both property staff and tenants. For employees, automated tasks free them to focus on improving and personalizing experiences for current and prospective tenants. And prospects and residents will enjoy the convenience of using an app or website to schedule and go on virtual tours, pay bills, or request maintenance.

The appeal of automating simple, routine tasks is especially evident in light of today’s challenges. To abide by occupancy limits, residents might prefer to use a community app to reserve time in shared spaces. They may want to remotely unlock a door for a guest or check on the status of a food or package delivery. The more things residents are able to accomplish without face-to-face interactions, the better. 

Contactless deliveries

Speaking of deliveries, e-commerce continues to grow, especially now that people are cutting down on in-store shopping. E-commerce sales have soared in recent months, climbing by almost 50% in April. So there’s never been a better time to upgrade your package management system to ensure residents receive their deliveries in a secure, contact-free manner.

For some properties, smart package lockers offer the best solution, providing tenants with one of the most critical amenities during these uncertain times. The lockers safely house all deliveries separately — with refrigerated options for temperature-sensitive items — until tenants are ready to pick them up. And renters can use their cell phones to unlock deliveries without touching the kiosk. 

Even as some sense of normalcy returns, package protection amenities are gaining value among renters. One property management professional put it this way: “The one amenity we cannot falter on is packages. We know that more people are receiving more deliveries than ever. In most of our communities, we have package lockers accessible 24/7, and we let prospective renters know that.”

If you’ve been thinking about installing package lockers as a solution for your property, reach out to us today.