Thanks to advancements in technology, the way we work is rapidly changing. Remote jobs and flexible positions have popularized co-working spaces and spurred a departure from traditional office designs. 

Today’s workplace is becoming an all-inclusive destination, offering features like social and leisure activities, restaurants and cafes, access to the latest technology, and convenient on-site services. To provide this, commercial real estate developers often offer amenities you’d typically find in hospitality and multifamily properties. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of those amenities and how they drive success for modern businesses.

All in a day’s work 

People have different work styles, so people looking for an office space seek out different designs that promote productivity. Some employees function better in quiet rooms, while others find that they can accomplish more in busy settings. Or workers might enjoy the inspiration of an outdoor garden or window view. 

Providing a variety of indoor and outdoor workspaces gives employees more control over where and how they work. This includes spaces such as lounges with comfortable seating, rooftop gardens, standing desks, and art galleries or installations, as well as more traditional spaces like private offices, shared desks, and meeting rooms. 

Technological amenities are also critical to employee productivity. Workers are still asking for faster internet and stronger cell service in and around their offices. This emphasis on connectivity will carry even more weight as more properties adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. 


IoT technology adoption is on the rise — 92% of commercial real estate (CRE) companies around the world plan to maintain or increase their investments in this area. These companies consider environmental (e.g., smart lighting, heating, and cooling) and security (e.g., app-based entry) technologies as the most important for supporting their tenants. 

Breaktime benefits

A little bit of downtime can be a great way for tenants to recharge. Workers might want to loosen up by taking a fun trip to a bowling alley, game room, or golf simulator. Or they may prefer a relaxation exercise like meditation or a stroll through the park. Whatever it may be, employees will appreciate a variety of on-site activities and locations where they can unwind.

Sometimes people want to take a midday getaway to a community and social space, such as a coffee shop, restaurant, lounge, or retail store. These places give employees a chance to connect with coworkers and other tenants outside of an office setting.

Workers may also wish to use their breaks to improve their physical and mental health. Nowadays, tenants expect to find fitness centers on their workplace campuses, but some property managers say fitness centers are underutilized. However, upgrading these facilities with new tech, equipment, and classes could draw in more visitors. Additionally, things like bike storage, active stairways, healthy food options, green spaces, and natural lighting encourage employee wellbeing. 

Work-life balance 

It can be a struggle for workers to make time for personal and professional responsibilities. For example, employees may need to drop off their kids at school or daycare, go to dental or doctor appointments, pick up dry cleaning, stop by the post office, and make sure they’re home on time to care for pets — all during a typical workday. If those stops are located all over the neighborhood, free time can dwindle.   

So tenants will welcome any amenities that simplify their daily routines — the more they can accomplish in a single location, the better. That’s why there’s an increasing demand for convenience amenities in commercial real estate. 

On-campus services like laundry, child and pet care, healthcare, salons, and electric car charging stations allow tenants to take care of their errands while at work. Employees can also avoid a trip to the post office if their office building provides personal package reception and protection.

All these amenities help minimize stress and free up more time for personal, social, and family activities, and ultimately, fosters employee efficiency, focus, and creativity. 


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