The days of toiling away in a poorly lit concrete bunker with monotone walls and stained carpets are long gone. So instead of defaulting to the downright dull office design, commercial property developers need to take cues from what fuels today’s workforce. Think cafes and coffee, meeting rooms with seating fit for a den, and office dogs galore.

Use these tips to attract the commercial tenants who are searching for the perfect place for their employees to work (and play, too).

Build spaces for fully staffed businesses and remote workers

Remote workers are growing in numbers. Nearly half of American employees work remotely at least some of the time. That’s why companies like WeWork and Impact Hub seek out spaces that will accommodate businesses looking for full-time office outfits, small startup groups, and flex workers just looking for a desk to occupy a couple days a week.

With coworking and remote working rising in popularity, building your space with the modern employee in mind is sure to attract desirable commercial tenants. Businesses from the hip tech startup to the corporation in search of a satellite office can appreciate flexible environments.

Prioritize smart technology

Smart offices are in high demand: 57% of global office workers expect to be working in a smart building in the next few years. So although providing technology is primarily up to the businesses who will occupy your building, there are amenities you can provide to align with the booming smart tech and IoT trend.

Say goodbye to keys and fobs

Forget fobs — modern entry systems utilize smartphones for access. Equipping your building with smart locks adds value for property managers and business alike. Property managers can set entry permissions through an online portal, and employees don’t have to worry about remembering yet another key. Plus, keyless entry systems add an unmatched sense of security to building occupants and property managers.

Provide smart package management solutions

We’re living in an on-demand world where Amazon is used by businesses everywhere. The added convenience of free two-day shipping is great for users but can be a headache for the people responsible for fielding packages in office buildings. It doesn’t matter if it’s a building concierge or a tenant’s front desk staffer handling deliveries — no one has time to receive and deliver everything that comes through the front door these days.

Take the tedious task of package management off of your tenants’ plates by installing mailroom software or package lockers. Both options automate the pick-up and drop-off experience. Tenants will receive personalized delivery alerts and can pick up their packages at any time, saving your tenants hours of work (and plenty in overhead costs).  

Use sustainable building materials

Commercial tenants today have a heightened sense of corporate responsibility, which is often reflected in the environment they chose to work. A sure-fire way to attract businesses invested in improving the environment is to use green building materials and work towards increasing energy efficiencies.

For example, you could have sensors installed for your HVAC and lighting systems, which help regulate temperatures and energy usage. Many green building technologies can also join your IoT ecosystem, providing you with data that’s useful in informing future development decisions.

Install amenities to help with the work-life balancing act

Companies looking to attract Millennial and Gen Z talent often take pride in providing excellent work-life balance. Commercial spaces that support the highly sought-after balance will be top choices for businesses in the market for a new office.

Here are some amenities that draw in businesses who value a hard day’s work but also see the benefit in having a little fun in between.

  • Fitness centers
  • Game rooms
  • Meeting and event lounges
  • Rooftop gardens
  • Cafes
  • Dog runs

Commercial developers who adopt these perks will attract top-tier businesses as tenants. At any point in your next project, get in touch with us to learn more how our package management systems can have potential tenants waiting in line to snag a space in your building!