Like with any cutting-edge technology, the topic of smart lockers opens the door for plenty of questions. In this guide, we’ve aimed to answer all of your inquiries and more.

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What are smart package lockers?

Smart lockers automate package pickup and drop off in residential, university, corporate, and retail facilities. Standard package lockers can accommodate items of all sizes, and refrigerated and freezer lockers facilitate grocery, meal kit, and medical deliveries.

Example use cases:

UNLV smart lockers

University of Nevada Las Vegas

“Streamlining their package management system doesn’t just save UNLV money. It saves their residence hall staff time, too, so they can focus on their primary task of enhancing the student experience.”

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refrigerated smart locker


“Residents at 2Hopkins don’t always have immediate access to the grocery store, so grocery and meal kit delivery is a popular choice… With refrigerated lockers, time windows for delivery can remain flexible and residents don’t have to worry about the freshness of their food.”

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Where can I install smart lockers?

You can install lockers virtually anywhere with a power source and internet availability. For instance, you can install lockers in the lobby of a residential building or the parking garage of an office facility.

Does Smiota offer refrigerated and freezer smart lockers?

Yes! Our main console unit can connect to temperature-controlled refrigerated and freezer lockers. Refrigerated lockers have two small and six medium-sized doors, and freezer lockers have four doors, one small and three medium.

Standard Smart Lockers

smiota smart locker

General Specifications


What is the standard smart locker console configuration?

Smiota’s standard, standalone smart locker console has 13 lockers. The console comes equipped with an 8” tablet that couriers use to deposit items and customers use to pick up or send packages.

Consoles are also available with 8 and 17 lockers.

Can I add lockers to the console to configure a full bank?

Yes. We generally configure two types of banks. A full bank has lockers on either side of the access panel. Half banks have doors only on one side of the access panel. Half banks are available with five and eight doors.

The main console unit can also connect to additional units:

  • Additional standard unit: 12 doors with space for small, medium, and large packages
  • Laundry lockers: 4 doors designed for dry cleaning and other laundry service drop-offs
  • Large lockers: 2 doors for bigger packages (think bulk orders of paper products)
  • Oversized lockers: 1 unit used for either extremely large packages or overflow if the other lockers are full
  • Refrigerated and frozen lockers: 4- or 8-door temperature-controlled units

Custom locker door configurations are also available.  

Custom smart Lockers

What colors are the smart package lockers?

You have the choice of several standard color options. We also offer customized lockers so you can include your brand colors, logo, or imagery.

What are the lockers made of?

All of our lockers are made from durable 1.5 mm cold rolled steel and coated with an anti-corrosive powder coating.

smart Locker bank


Locker Bank Dimensions
Size Height Width Depth
13 Door 78.35” 39.37” 25”
5 Door 78.35” 22.24” 25”
17 Door 78.35” 39.37” 25”
8 Door 78.35” 42.52” 25”
Locker Door Dimensions
Size Height Width Depth
S 4.3” 16” 25”
M 9.5” 16” 25”
L 20” 16” 25”

Technological Specifications

What are the power requirements for smart lockers?

The only thing you need is a standard 110V power supply.

What kind of barcodes can you scan?

Couriers and users can scan QR codes and 2D/3D barcodes.

Are the lockers connected to the internet?

Yes. Our smart locker platform allows you real-time visibility into the package chain of custody and stores all of your data in the cloud.

How do the lockers connect to the internet?

There are three different ways to get lockers online.

  • Wifi: 2.4 GHz, 5GHz
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbits
  • Wireless hotspot

Refrigerated and Frozen Smart Lockers

Technological and Refrigeration Specifications

Are there unique power requirements for cooled lockers?

Nope! You still only need a standard 110V power supply.

Can you defrost refrigerated and frozen lockers?

Yes. You can program defrosting using the digital controllers on the inside top of the unit.

How cold can refrigerated and freezer lockers get?

You can set refrigerated lockers to be from 32℉ to 50℉ (0℃ to 10℃). Frozen lockers can be adjusted to stay anywhere from -11℉ to 5℉ (-24℃ to 15℃).

How are cooled lockers insulated?

Cooled lockers are insulated with polyurethane. Refrigerated lockers have an insulation thickness of about 2.7” (60mm) and freezer lockers have an insulation thickness of about 4” (100mm).


Are the dimensions for freezer and refrigerated lockers different from the standard lockers?


Refrigerated Locker Bank Dimensions
Size Height Width Depth
8 Door 82.68” 47.24” 25.46”
Refrigerated Locker Door Dimensions
Size Height Width Depth
S 14.17” 13.15” 19.21”
M 16.42” 20.47” 19.21”
Freezer Locker Bank Dimensions
Size Height Width Depth
4 Door 82.68” 38.19” 28.35”
Freezer Locker Door Dimensions
Size Height Width Depth
S 13.78” 15.35” 23.5”
M 16.02” 28.07” 23.5”

Usage and support

How do couriers drop off packages in a locker? Do I have to be there to give them access?

Couriers access lockers by scanning a QR code or entering a pre-assigned PIN. To drop off a package, they search the contact database, choose which size locker they need, and pop in the delivery. No one needs to be present to allow couriers access.

How do package recipients retrieve items from a locker?

Users can access lockers 24/7/365. Once a package is safely in a locker, Smiota’s software automatically notifies the recipient via text or the Smiota app. To access the locker, the recipient clicks a button in the app or keys in their unique code.

What happens if someone leaves a package in the locker for too long?  

Each locker comes equipped with an IR sensor that detects if there’s an item in the locker. The sensor enables Smiota’s system to remind package recipients that their items are ready automatically.

What analytics do administrators have access to?

Our goal is to give you visibility of the entire chain of custody using real-time analytics. You can customize your report to include things like:

  • How long packages stay in lockers from delivery to pick up
  • How long it takes for shipments to get from the warehouse to a locker  

Do you offer customer support?

Yes. We have U.S.-based support staff available to help around the clock.

How do software updates work?

Our over-the-air software updates ensure you always have the latest software and features.

The Smiota App

How does the Smiota app make the lockers even easier to use?

Using the Smiota app, package recipients never have to remember an access code for a locker. Once they are near the locker bank, all the recipient needs to do is click the “Open Locker” button to access a package.

Within the app, users can also view package history and set themselves to “vacation mode.”

Where can people download the Smiota app?

The Smiota app is available on the App Store or Google Play.

How much does the Smiota app cost?

The Smiota app is free.

Does Smiota offer an API integration?

Yes! Smiota offers a REST API to integrate with your applications.  


How much do package lockers cost?

Every locker configuration is different, so costs vary. Here’s an example pricing structure for a unit installation of 21 lockers (a standard console plus a refrigerated unit with 8 lockers).

Purchase pricing 36 Month lease
Hardware $21,000 $660
Monthly support $148 $148
24×7 software support Included in support Included in support
Tenant registration fee $0 $0
Locker storage fee/day $0 $0
Shipping and Installation (one time) $1,800 $1,800
Delivery time 12 weeks from PO 12 weeks from PO

Hopefully this guide answered all your questions and more. If you’re ready for a demo, contact us today.

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