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We Love These Cities, and So Do Package Thieves

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Heavily-populated areas, particularly wealthy neighborhoods, are perfect targets for package thieves. Crooks often follow delivery trucks from house to house, snatching a bagful of boxes from a single street and making it home before you even know something’s missing.

Safewise recently published a report that reveals the metro areas porch pirates love the most.

San Francisco tops the list overall

According to an article by the San Francisco Chronicle, city residents aren’t surprised their city ranked #1 as most likely to experience package theft during 2017. From January to October 2018, police saw over 35,000 reports of larceny. Although larceny includes more than just package thefts, it’s still an unsettling number for San Franciscans who are counting on their orders to arrive safely.

With shipping companies ignoring delivery instructions, surveillance cameras doing little to deter criminals, and neighbors on Nextdoor sharing endless horror stories, some San Franciscans are abandoning online ordering altogether.

Tech hubs are major targets

A new Shorr study found that porch pirates prefer wealthy, tech-forward areas such as San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and D.C. Residents of these cities are most likely to search “Amazon package stolen” on Google.

Texas is popular during the holidays

Austin leads the pack as the city with the highest holiday theft. But it’s just one of three Texan cities in the top ten. Houston (#7) and Dallas (#8) made the list, too. In Houston, packages thefts have gone up by 80% since 2015.

Fortunately, Texas lawmakers are trying to strengthen the penalties for porch pirates. The proposed bill would mean up to two years in prison for the theft of 10 or fewer packages, with penalties only going up from there. But they have to catch the thieves first, and police estimate that only 10% of porch bandits pay the price.

New York City was the safest city for holiday packages

The Big Apple had the least holiday theft at the tail end of 2017, but the city ranked 10th during the remainder of the year. To package swipers, NYC may not have the same attraction as Silicon Valley, but New Yorkers shouldn’t rest easy. One man went on a porch shopping spree in Manhattan back in November.

Package theft in rural areas

It’s a bit more difficult for thieves to make larceny lucrative in rural areas. The distance between porches is far greater and the overall package value may not be as rewarding.

But this doesn’t mean countryside neighborhoods are immune to package theft. (Check out this article about the crime’s prevalence in rural regions like North Dakota.) These areas don’t have the same level of security as cities, so it’s easier for pirates to get away with their crime.

Up by 16% in 2018, e-commerce and its convenience aren’t going anywhere. Package protection is critical in today’s world. Check out Smiota’s smart package lockers to learn how to prevent porch pirates from shopping at your house.

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