This post contains excerpts from an article titled “Three Trends Transforming Stores Into Smart Shopping Hubsthat originally appeared in Forbes on July 12, 2019

Smiota, one of the leading providers of smart lockers and delivery management software, was featured in a recent Forbes article highlighting trends transforming the future of retail. The article cites personalization, technology, and ‘Buy Online Pickup In Store’ (BOPIS) as essential areas for retail chains to focus on as they transform to smart shopping hubs.

Specifically, Smiota’s smart locker solutions were cited as a potential answer to the BOPIS trend for retailers:

An emerging, rapidly evolving technology that enables a seamless BOPIS experience is smart lockers. Just like ATMs made it much easier to get cash from your account, smart lockers make it much easier to get what you ordered. Companies like Smiota, combine enterprise software, lockers, and machine learning to great effect to provide a delightful BOPIS experience.

The entire physical retail industry is going through a major technology transformation in the race to keep up with competitors. The emerging winners will continue to be those that successfully transform their physical retail stores into smart shopping hubs of the future.

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