BOPIS is good for business in many ways, especially the potential to generate in-store sales.

  • Click and collect “superconsumers,” or people who used BOPIS at least twice in the past 12 months, purchased additional items while making a pickup 41% of the time, each time spending an average of $40.
  • Occasional click and collectors, or those who’ve used BOPIS once in the past 12 months, picked up extra items 38.4% of the time, spending an average of $37 each time.

Ready to reap the benefits? Focusing on the customer experience during the pickup process can help you take advantage of these upselling opportunities.

Optimize your store layout

Your store layout influences customer behavior, so meaningfully incorporating your online pickup station into your store footprint presents a ripe opportunity for cross-selling.

Take Target as an example. Some of the brand’s remodeled Chicago-area stores have large BOPIS stations in the core of the building. The benefit of having a centrally-located pickup station is twofold. First, there’s more room for prepared online orders. Second, the central location subtly encourages click and collectors to browse for additional items.

Try it: Determine which convenience or add-on items shoppers regularly pick up, and make those items easily accessible for BOPIS customers. For instance, if you sell TVs, consider displaying HDMI cables near the pickup desk.

Give exclusive deals to BOPIS customers

Incentivizing click and collectors can help you gain in-store sales. Jim Prewitt of software company JDA says, “By offering incentives to shoppers to use BOPIS, like discounting, retailers are driving more foot traffic into stores…buying more than they intended to, once they arrive at the store, boosting store sales.”

Try it: Are your shoppers serious bargain-hunters? When customers pick up an online order, hand out percent or dollar off coupons that are only good in-store. Add urgency by making the deal valid for one week or less!

Speed up your pickup process

Continually providing a positive customer experience can boost brand loyalty, and by extension, drive sales.

So what makes for a BOPIS trip that gets two thumbs up? According to Bell and Howell, a quick in-and-out experience and no waiting in line were the most important attributes to a positive click and collect experience. In other words, speed and convenience are critical.

Try it: Install smart lockers to expedite the pickup process and eliminate wait times.

Provide product suggestions

Enticing shoppers to make additional purchases is sometimes as easy as making a thoughtful recommendation. Since the click and collect process provides multiple touch-points across channels, use each one to make suggestions of additional items shoppers may consider purchasing in-store.

Your store associates play a considerable role in this initiative, so make sure they’re trained on how to make sensible product recommendations and also where things are located in the store.

Try it: Based on what customers order for pickup, add custom notes to email confirmations. “Here’s a sweater you might like. Get it in-store when you pick up your jeans!”


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