When retailers started tinkering with alternative fulfillment options like click and collect, no one could be certain the strategy was going to be successful. Luckily for early adopters and those just getting into the swing of things, statistics show that not only did the buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) method catch on, but it’s going like gangbusters.

Nearly half of online shoppers in the U.S. are using click and collect. [Nielsen]

Walmart launched BOPIS in 2013 and is arguably the brand that blazed the trail, so the fulfillment method is still in its infancy. Considering how new the option is for many retailers, the fact that four in 10 U.S. shoppers already use BOPIS is astonishing.

More stats from this report include:

  • Click and collectors make a trip to the store to pick up online orders every six months.
  • The average spend for a BOPIS order is $58.
  • Generally, click-and-collect shoppers skew towards high/middle-income families and those aged 18-44.

The most common reason customers use BOPIS is to avoid shipping fees… [Retail TouchPoints]

A survey from JDA revealed that 40% of BOPIS shoppers choose the delivery method to avoid costly shipping fees.

The survey revealed a handful of other reasons consumers choose to click and collect, too.


  • 33% — to get their merchandise sooner
  • 12% — for convenience
  • 8% — they wanted to see the actual item
  • 7% — they felt more confident they would receive their purchases vs. home delivery

… but the “touch and try” aspect is rising in popularity as a reason to chose BOPIS. [Kibo]

Kibo, a leading omnichannel commerce platform, conducted a survey revealing that being able to touch and feel an item before taking it home is rising in popularity as a reason to choose click-and-collect.

In 2018, 77% of shoppers cite being able to see a product before taking it home as a core reason to use BOPIS. In 2017, that number was 68%.

Millennials demand modern conveniences like BOPIS, but older generations love it even more. [ForeSee]

Millennials are motivated by convenience, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the generation loves the idea of BOPIS. But what might not be as obvious is how often Baby Boomers and Gen Xers click “pick up in-store” at checkout.

Here’s the percentage of the three generations that use BOPIS:

  • 57% — Millennials
  • 71% — Baby Boomers
  • 61% — Generation X

Another interesting finding included in ForeSee’s article is that Boomers report higher success rate using BOPIS than Millennials, revealing an opportunity for retailers to engage the tech-savvy generation further.

For some retailers, the lion’s share of online orders are picked up in-store. [Signifyd]

Retailers spanning from big-box home improvement brands to chain department stores are seeing an uptick in how many online orders are being picked up in-store. A survey from Signifyd found that a whopping 60% of Lowe’s online orders are fulfilled in-store.

Other brands are experiencing similar success:

  • 43% of online orders picked up in-store — Home Depot
  • 36% of online orders picked up in-store — Kohl’s
  • 50% of online orders picked up in-store — AutoZone

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