The Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) delivery model is quickly gaining traction in the retail industry. One survey found that for some retailers (28.8% of all respondents), BOPIS orders accounted for up to 30% of their online revenue.

It’s clear that click and collect is a popular delivery choice with today’s convenience-driven customers, but getting the word out about your BOPIS options is what’s going to generate the most traction. Whether you’re a BOPIS veteran or are just testing out the delivery method, use these ideas to generate some buzz.

Include BOPIS information in your promotional emails

If you’re already sending out promotional emails about flash sales and new product lines, why not make your messages work harder by using them to advertise alternative delivery options?

A couple tips:

  • Include a small banner at the top of your email identifying click and collect as an option
  • Create a section below your promotions dedicated to explaining BOPIS

If you really want to supercharge your emails, include customer testimonials about the delivery method. Reading about the convenience of BOPIS is one thing, but seeing statements like “BOPIS was so quick and easy!” from real customers can be a game-changer.

Install painfully obvious in-store signage

A sure-fire way to catch the attention of people already in your store is to point out — literally — where they can pick up online orders. Customers intrigued by a “Pick Up Online Orders Here” sign will Google your brand, ask an associate for the scoop, or follow you on social media to learn more. Once they’ve educated themselves on the BOPIS delivery method (and realize how easy it is), they’ll be inclined to try it for themselves. Plus, effective signage in the store makes the pickup process even easier for your current BOPIS shoppers.

Use your parking lot

If you head to places like Target, you might see spaces dedicated for customers picking up online orders. Since these parking spaces are usually close to the doors, shoppers are guaranteed to see them as they’re driving around seeking the coveted close spots or on their way inside. It’s an excellent way to highlight the convenience factor associated with BOPIS and give current click and collectors the VIP treatment.

Prompt customer service employees to mention BOIPS at checkout

When customers are checking out, the last thing they want is another credit card offer. Instead, have employees talk up click and collect! Even just a simple “Did you know that when you shop with us online, you can pick up your order right here on the very same day?” After hearing that BOPIS is an option, some shoppers are bound to dig up more information and give it a whirl.

You can do something similar to this during online purchases. Once your customer heads to their online cart, prompt them to choose BOPIS as an option, making it clear they can pick up their items more quickly than it would take for you to ship from a distribution center. If they’re shopping for a gift, vacation, or any other time-sensitive event, they will likely choose BOPIS over paying rush shipping fees!

Add a website banner

Many retailers offer BOPIS, but of those that do, only 38.5% advertise the option on the front page of their website. What a wasted opportunity! Even just adding a simple banner at the top of your website can be extremely effective for getting folks to check “Click and Collect” at checkout. In fact, letting customers know about BOPIS as soon as they enter your site is just as — if not more — effective for popularizing click and collect than waiting until checkout to present the option.  

Include BOPIS information on receipts

As long as paper receipts are still around, you might as well leverage the marketing real estate they offer. An eye-catching graphic with a quick mention of the BOPIS delivery option could be enough for some customers to say, “I’ll have to try that next time!”

Run a promotion

Nothing gets shoppers abuzz like a classic promotion. Consider offering online shoppers a deal when they choose to click and collect for the first time. The incentive will dip your customer’s toes in the convenience of BOPIS, and you’ll still get foot traffic in the door, an ample opportunity to sell “micro-visit” friendly merchandise.

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