Customers love shopping online, and they’re rapidly warming up to the idea of picking their online purchases up in store. The flexibility and control Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS) offers has prompted retail giants from Amazon to Target and Home Depot to expand their product delivery options.

If you have a BOPIS strategy and infrastructure already in place, you’re already ahead of the retail game. But don’t stop there! Employ these best practices to upgrade your BOPIS to v2.0.

Focus on the customer experience to guarantee BOPIS success

Building an all-star customer service team, consistently offering great products, and implementing solid marketing strategies all play a critical role in the customer experience. But how your company bridges gaps in the supply chain is key to earning five-star ratings.

For example, 51% of customers want same-day and next-day delivery. Strategize ways your business can use BOPIS to speed up your delivery cycle. That might mean expanding your click-and-collect option to all your stores or across brands, redesigning your e-commerce site to make choosing BOPIS easier, or spending some marketing budget on promoting your quick delivery options.

Be a digital pioneer

As a thought leader in your business, recognize that scaling up to a digital business model that includes click-and-collect takes a holistic approach. New, shiny parts will attract customers, but they’ll stick with you when you think of BOPIS as just one part of a strategic growth plan.

Move beyond short-term thinking. Staying competitive in today’s retail world requires a strong focus on customer convenience and agency. As you integrate BOPIS, don’t stop at curbside pick-ups and designated click-and-collect service desks. Be one of the first in your space to offer the modernization of package lockers.

Mirror the in-store experience

BOPIS offers a unique opportunity for customers to skip the lines and expedite returns while still getting the products they love. As such, your click-and-collect experience should meet or exceed the expectations your customers have of a traditional visit to your store.

For example, if people love how your produce is consistently fresh, make sure your BOPIS strategy includes refrigerated lockers. If you sell clothing and are known for excellent customer service on the sales floor, having alternative sizes or colors easily accessible at pickup will please BOPIS customers who require the same kind of assistance.

Details matter

When you’re building BOPIS into your omnichannel strategy, remember that even the tiniest details will have your customers raving about how easy it is to shop with your brand.

Pickup notifications

Who doesn’t love a personalized email or text that tells them that their happiness is ready and waiting? Make sure that your customers know right away when they can stop by your store to retrieve their purchase. Chances are, some of your BOPIS customers will pick up an extra thing or two while they’re there!


When someone places an order to pick up in store, don’t just provide them with an address to your store. Provide directions, and be sure to let them know exactly where in the store they should go to retrieve their purchase. Include phone numbers and any other clear instructions your customer will need to expedite their pickup.

Clear signage

Your store should include obvious wayfinding signage to guide customers to your online order pickup location. If you have package lockers, get them wrapped in custom graphics that will draw the eye, making it easy for customers to spot from across the store.

Employee training

When customers buy your products online, that doesn’t mean their experience has to be cold or impersonal. To guarantee shopping with your brand is exceptional every time someone buys online and pick up in store, provide staff with specific training and information they need to make click-and-collectors never hesitate to give you a shining review.

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