There’s no denying that our digital revolution has drastically transformed corporate mailrooms. Mailroom clerks and other professionals have needed to transform their daily responsibilities. Entire systems must shift to meet the demands of corporate, competitive businesses. This is critical in order to function. 

But in all this change and transformation to a digital workplace, there’s a particular blind spot. That’s where we’re going to focus on today: packages and other deliverable goods. In many corporate examples, deliverable items are critical, high-value elements of a company’s workings. No matter how digitized our businesses become, there are still important physical exchanges. These take place every day. It is how an enterprise functions and thrives. 

This is where package lockers come in. Our files zip back and forth with increasing power, speed, and efficiency. So too do our locker systems need to upgrade to meet the needs of employees and customers. Today we’re going to look at how package lockers – smart lockers specifically – are overhauling corporate mailrooms. They’re doing so for the better – benefiting clerks, employees, and businesses as a whole. This is a big deal when looking at the reported stats for employee satisfaction and behavior in corporate America. The numbers need to improve. In doing so, will benefit our society as a whole. Smart lockers and improved mailroom systems are one small piece of the puzzle. 


Time Management


Time is money, and both are precious. This is true for the CEO of a company, and it’s true of the most recent hire in a company’s mailroom. When a business is at its best, all employees’ time is utilized and funneled into work that is efficient and beneficial. A big part of this is systems upgrades – making for optimal time management at every point in a chain and empowering each professional to conduct their work smoothly and to the best of their ability. 

For example, smart lockers can minimize mail room employees’ time regarding both organization and communication. Smart lockers are a straightforward system of organization that is easy to use and reliable. Communication-wise, smart locker systems will immediately notify recipients of their items. People will instantaneously know where and when to pick up their items – freeing up corporate mailroom workers to move on to the next task of their day with ease. The amount of time that staff will save over weeks, months, and years will add up over time for any company. 

smiota package locker

Added Security


Smart lockers also provide an added element of security in corporate mailrooms. Smart lockers are safe and secure in a way that more traditional lockers are not. Through the smart locker systems, recipients and employees will have a specific password sent to their smartphone or tablet that will be inaccessible to any other people without explicitly-provided permission. 

This is especially important for larger companies where more personnel may be in-and-out of the mailroom, or in non-traditional corporate work settings such as co-working spaces or even multi-living buildings, which are increasingly a factor in our COVID-shifting societies. 


Compact, Customizable Lockers


Another big boost that plays into the ways in which package lockers are overhauling corporate mailrooms is their efficient aesthetic. These lockers are clean and sleek – just the thing to simplify and improve a space where vast amounts of communication and transfer of goods take place. Any added support in cleanliness and organization is a big boost, as any mailroom worker will strongly attest. 

Smart lockers land along a broad spectrum of sizes. They can be customized according to a corporation’s needs and the needs of a mailroom or building. They can be quite compact or vast and can be both depending on the design that best meets the needs of deliverable items and employee needs. 

An added bonus is that these lockers are customizable in locations and via color to fit right into the already existing aesthetic of a business and company. These small factors add up to a valuable, consistent working environment and should not be underestimated in the health, productivity, and efficiency of a growing corporation.