Today we’re going to look at using smart lockers for IT Asset Management. This is a big topic in today’s business world. As technology continues to shape our economies, IT assets look to be the backbone of most enterprises in the future, too. Systems upgrades, like smart lockers, can be the keystone.


Firstly, Let’s Cover The Basic Definitions


“Asset” is a term we often use to describe something of value. Particularly, we use it in regard to a human or company doing business. An asset is anything that produces a positive economic value.

An IT asset, specifically, is any company-owned information, system, and/or equipment. Short for “information technology”, companies use these elements to conduct business. These items can be common: laptops, digital folders, cameras, and hard drives. Other IT assets that might be more specific to various companies might include security systems, databases, codes, etc. It’s a broad category that includes valuable elements to a business – physical and digital, depending on the scenario. These assets need to be effectively managed and organized in order for a business to thrive.

Because IT assets are so valuable to a company’s success, IT asset management needs to be a priority. This is true, even if it is an aspect of a business that is more “behind the scenes”. Here’s where smart lockers come in. They are a popular systems upgrade that will improve the management process at every level within a company. Smart lockers increase security, clarity, and efficiency for all employees. Plus, they are accessible and easy to use for anyone with a smart tablet in their pocket or bag. Additionally, businesses can use the same smart locker systems with customers to improve their experience. It’s a system worth investing in.


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IT Assets Security


It should go without saying that security is of critical importance when managing IT assets. However, too often, systems of management may lax into casual handoffs and incomplete logging. This leads to problems and miscommunications. Additionally, it can result in missing or mishandled equipment, and a lack of accountability within the workplace. It presents the possibility that important information and equipment may be left vulnerable – not a good scenario for any company worth its mettle.

Smart lockers vastly improve security in that they essentially eliminate various security risks. Smart locker systems provide specific, instantaneous messaging within an easy-to-use app. This means that without the proper passwords and smart tablets, critical and confidential items are secure until the proper person arrives to retrieve them. Through the app, the history of retrieval and returns can be logged to the minute. Managers and employees can rest assured that their handoffs, trades, upgrades, and deliverables are safe and secure. As co-working spaces and shared offices become more common in our post-covid professional settings, smart lockers can be used within a single business or utilized within broader, more non-conventional settings. No matter where they are incorporated, they provide additional safety and security to assets and, therefore, to the people in the area.


24-7 Access


Another major perk for managers upgrading to smart lockers for IT asset management includes 24-7 access to the secured items. As long as a building is open and accessible, employees can utilize their time to the best of their abilities, able to retrieve valuable assets at any time of day, any hour of the week.

As a result, this can lead to big improvements in efficiency and workplace satisfaction. More and more, companies are expanding their flexibility to accommodate employees’ needs. In the face of the global pandemic, many of us need a more flexible office culture. Studies show that these sorts of adaptions lead to high productivity and wildly-inspiring business success stories. It seems that this is the way our businesses are expanding – fluidly and malleable into people’s lives and the unfolding current events around us.


Efficiency For Managers


Finally, being a manager at a company is no small task. It is often a thankless job that requires a lot of attention to detail and a strong work ethic. A manager’s time is precious. This is especially true for management employees who facilitate and regulate IT assets within the company.

It’s important that managers utilize the systems that work. Importantly, smart lockers work. A functional system must be secure, accessible, and as efficient. This will reap massive benefits for the manager’s well being in the workplace. Additionally, it will empower these essential team members to use their skills in ways that continue to grow the company in sustainable ways.