Installing a smart locker is a sleek way to organize parcels, prevent package theft, and facilitate customer convenience. Smart locker installation is relatively simple on the client’s end. Clients only need to complete a few thoughtful steps in order to successfully complete a smart locker installation. 


Choosing the location, configuration, and customization of the smart locker are all steps that customers should consider before getting a smart locker installed. Sales representatives help with this process by asking guiding questions, clarifying customer needs, and providing helpful information from Smiota. 


Get a Quote for Smart Locker Installation


Talking with sales representatives is a great way to help guide you through the smart locker decision process. These representatives will help you with all the considerations listed below. It is easy to set up a meeting with someone from the sales team to facilitate the smart locker installation and decision process. The sales team can also provide clients with various quotes for how much different smart lockers will cost. 


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Choose Your Location


Choosing a location for your smart locker installation is a critical consideration. The location must be big enough for the unit and have access to power and internet. The location should also be easily accessible for users of the smart locker and for couriers dropping off packages. 


Indoors or Outdoors?


The first consideration for the location of a smart locker is whether it will be indoors or outdoors. If the locker is going to be outside, it needs, at a minimum, a five foot awning to cover the entire unit. This protects the unit from rain, snow, and UV light while also creating a more inviting space for locker users. 


If the unit is going to be inside, pick a place with at least 80 inches of height, 25 inches of depth, and 20 to 40 inches of width (for a half-bank and full-bank smart locker, respectively). If you want to include additional locker units, make sure there is enough width in the space to accommodate them. 


Powering the Smart Locker


Whether the locker will be inside or outside, it needs a standard 110V wall plug in the U.S. or a 220V wall plug in Europe. If the smart locker has additional temperature controlled units, it may need to use additional wall plugs. 


Smart Lockers Require Internet


Hardwired Ethernet connectivity is recommended due to its higher reliability. WiFi or LTE can also work for smart lockers. However, if the smart locker is using WiFi or LTE, it needs a reliable and consistent connection to function properly. 


Customization Before Smart Locker Installation


Not all smart lockers are made the same! In fact, Smiota’s smart lockers are highly customizable for client’s particular needs. Before smart locker installation, a client must decide the configuration, temperature, and materials of their desired smart locker. 


Choose the Configuration of Your Smart Locker


Smiota’s smart lockers come in a broad variety of standard configurations. This variety helps customers tailor the smart locker to their particular space. If these standard configurations don’t work, Smiota also makes customized smart lockers.Customers should consider a handful of questions when deciding the configuration of their smart locker.


First, how much smart locker capacity does the facility need? Is there enough demand to warrant 50 smart locker doors or just a dozen? What type of things will go in the smart locker? If they are particularly tall objects, the locker will need XL doors. If the locker is primarily for mail parcels, many small doors would be best. Smiota’s lockers come in configurations from one XXL door in a half-bank to 28 small doors in a full-bank unit and tons of variety in between those two extremes. 


Choose the Temperature of Your Smart Locker


Smiota smart lockers can be ambient temperature, heated, refrigerated, or freezing. The temperature controlled units come in 8-door, full-bank configurations.  


Decide the Materials of Your Smart Locker


Smart lockers can be customized to fit the branding of different businesses. Units can be vinyl wrapped and made from special materials. There are tons of options to make smart lockers look at home in any circumstance. 


Smart Locker Installation


If a smart locker is in stock, it will arrive within three weeks of signing an agreement. If the locker is not in stock and needs to be manufactured or customized, it can take up to twelve weeks from the signing of the agreement until it arrives.

Skilled contractors deal with every aspect of the smart locker installation. This entire physical installation process takes one to two days, depending on the scale and complexity of the smart locker system.


Once the smart locker is installed, the client can interface with the locker through the Smiota Mailroom app. If any troubleshooting issues come up, Smiota has service personnel available 24/7 to answer questions.


Always order conservatively because it is easy to add on additional smart locker units, but Smiota will not take units back after they have been purchased and installed. 


Smart locker installation is easier than it seems. With professional assistance and highly trained personnel, Smiota makes smart locker installation and ordering pleasantly simple.