At Smiota, we make last-mile delivery look easy. Whether you’re managing a multifamily or commercial property, retail store, or student housing development, with Smiota smart lockers, picking up or dropping off a package takes just seconds. And if tenants or customers can’t retrieve their items right away, you can rest assured that parcels safe until they do. 

To keep the experience as seamless and simple as possible, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Aesthetically, the smart lockers makes a good first impression. But without reliable, personalized technology running in the background, it’s just a locker. 

Here’s a look at some of the infrastructure that makes our lockers “smart” and delivers worry-free package protection.

Complete customization with APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) is like a messenger, and facilitates communication across devices, apps, databases, and systems. We provide extensive REST-based APIs, so you can link our smart locker platform with your current vendors. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. The courier, staff, or recipients sends a request to open a locker
  2. The partner system (a retail ordering system, for example) sends the locker ID and tracking information to the Smiota server, which then opens up a locker
  3. Once the package is deposited or picked up, the locker notifies the partner system about the transaction and sends updates through the API

Our APIs integrate with a variety of systems and software applications that tackle tasks like package tracking, property management, online order fulfillment, Single Sign-On, and so much more. You may find a whole new way to incorporate smart lockers into your existing systems that we haven’t even thought of yet! 

Pickup solutions for on-demand delivery

A good example of APIs in action is on-demand delivery. To satisfy consumers who want their items faster, retailers partner with on-demand delivery providers, who pick up online orders at local stores and bring them to their final destinations. But without an automated system in place, that store pickup process can eat up a lot of time and money. Lack of automation can also cause delivery personnel to wait around for the finished order or even pick up the wrong items. 

Combining Smiota lockers with consumer apps, online ordering systems, and delivery tracking results in a simple, streamlined process. Drivers receive an alert when orders are ready, quickly collect them from the store lockers, and are on their way to the customer in no time.

This is also the perfect solution for restaurants that use on-demand drivers for food delivery. Smiota can even remove the back of the locker so that food orders can go right from the kitchen to the locker. 

Data security and reporting

Sure, lockers keep packages safe, but what about the user data that goes into them? 

Smiota keeps all its customer data encrypted in AWS RDS and GCP CloudSQL, running backups every hour to minimize data loss. We also secure your network with a Virtual Private Network to restrict access to authorized users only.

When you’re ready to take a look at the data, our automated reporting system provides real-time updates on locker activity — from the number of packages delivered to recipient alerts and reminders. You can also track and export historical data to better inform your logistics operations going forward. And if something goes awry, you have 24/7 access to technical support to keep things running smoothly.

Want to learn more about the technology behind Smiota’s smart package lockers? Check out our new technology page