Corporate properties are feeling the burden of the e-commerce boom, with both business and personal deliveries leaving mailrooms drowning in boxes. And the daily package piles will only get higher. Online retail sales for 2025 are predicted to exceed $1 trillion — that’s double 2018’s numbers.

Technology is rising to the challenge of solving package management. Now you can prevent package overload, theft, and loss thanks to smart lockers, the new must-have amenity in commercial real estate. 

Add an employee perk that benefits bosses

Almost 50% of online shoppers stay at home on delivery day to ensure the safety of their packages, while 15% choose to have packages delivered to their workplace. However, these strategies hinder productivity. If employees aren’t spending time away from their desks to collect deliveries, they could be checking their phones for delivery updates and worrying that their orders won’t arrive safely. 

Smart lockers are a new kind of employee perk that’s perfect for our e-commerce world. With deliveries safely tucked away in lockers, workers won’t need to keep an eye on tracking information or run home to intercept their orders. They also keep packages off reception desks and out of building mailrooms, where packages could be stolen or misplaced. 

Best of all, this solution keeps employees focused on work because they won’t need to rearrange their schedules. They’ll receive notifications about package arrivals and can rest assured that all orders are secure. Even sensitive items like groceries and meal kits stay safe during the workday, thanks to refrigerated compartments. At closing time, employees can stop by the lockers, have their orders in hand within seconds, and be on their way home.  

Make delivery and pickup easy for everyone

Tenants aren’t the only ones who benefit from smart lockers. Building staff tasked with handling incoming mail won’t have to shoulder that time-consuming burden anymore. They’ll no longer have to log incoming packages, collect signatures, and track down recipients. They can remove themselves from the chain of custody and leave package management and documentation to the lockers. This allows them to turn their attention to more important duties, like building relationships with tenants, coordinating maintenance schedules, and assisting visitors. 

Smart lockers also speed up the delivery process for couriers. Instead of hand delivering parcels to different office suites or finding a safe dropoff location in the lobby, they can simply deposit items into the lockers and be on their way. The process takes just seconds per package, doesn’t leave boxes vulnerable, and doesn’t require any trips in the elevator. 

Stay safe and save space

Modern package lockers secure items with more than just locks. They come with video surveillance features to capture dropoffs and pickups, as well as logging and monitoring capabilities that track locker activity. Cutting-edge locker technology also protects against security threats like unauthorized users and data theft.  

Smart lockers need only a power source and internet access, so you can install them almost anywhere. Plus, customizable configurations allow you to make efficient use of available space. And if you’re picturing a locker bank like the washed-out gray steel structures you find in gyms and high schools, think again. With custom branding options, smart lockers can blend into the aesthetic of the building or add a pop of color, making them a stylish way to guard and organize deliveries. 


Ready to tame package pandemonium at your commercial property? Find out how Smiota’s smart lockers can bring simplicity, security, and peace of mind to the workplace.