Safety is essential to employee engagement and productivity. Those who feel like their workplace is susceptible to dangers aren’t going to feel comfortable being there for eight or more hours a day. 

On the other hand, a protected building fosters a more positive atmosphere — employees aren’t worried about their safety or that of their belongings. 

Several tools, actions, and protocols go into safeguarding staff and their possessions, so it can be easy to overlook package protection as part of a complete solution. Here are some of the ways that smart package lockers contribute to workplace security.

Stop theft and damage 

Employees won’t feel comfortable shipping orders to their workplace if their items end up lost, stolen, spoiled, or damaged. And accidents happen, even in the most organized mailrooms. Couriers may leave deliveries unattended and prone to theft, staff may drop or damage packages while sorting and moving them, and perishables may be left out too long without refrigeration.

Smart package lockers enable delivery personnel and mailroom staff to quickly and easily secure items in individual lockers, where only recipients can access them. Large packages have a place in oversized lockers, and temperature-sensitive items stay cool in refrigerated and freezer lockers. This gives employees peace of mind and assurance in the safety of their personal and work-related items.

Limit guests and visitors

With package lockers, couriers, mailroom staff, and other delivery personnel don’t need office access to drop off packages. They can deposit the items into the lockers, where they’ll stay safe until recipients have a few spare moments to retrieve them.

This system helps facility employees avoid interruptions throughout the day — plus, they don’t have to worry about monitoring as many visitors. 

Break the 9-5 mold

Smart lockers make the workday easier for busy employees. The last thing they want at the end of a long shift is to be unable to retrieve critical deliveries because the mailroom staff has left for the day.  

Businesses can offer 24/7 locker access, allowing couriers to deposit and employees to claim packages outside of scheduled mailroom hours. This means workers can receive time-sensitive, emergency, and rush deliveries, even during times when mailroom staff is unavailable.

Minimize person-to-person contact

The best way to protect employees from spreading diseases is to limit their face-to-face interactions with others and their contact with contaminated surfaces. But that’s quite a feat in busy mailrooms, cramped package pickup lines, and building-wide delivery trips. 

Package lockers are perfect for preventing pathogen transmission. They support contactless delivery and promote package separation to curb the circulation of bacteria and viruses. Employees don’t have to come into direct contact with couriers or mailroom staff, and their packages aren’t changing hands multiple times throughout the day. So companies can keep their workers healthy, avoiding sick leave and short-staffed shifts. 

If you’re ready to learn more about the protection and peace of mind package lockers provide, contact Smiota today.