It’s no secret that technology is the key to thriving in an ever-changing world. And 2020 has been a year of rapid technology adoption across industries. 

This year has also shifted the expectations of employees. Whether they’re still working remotely on occasion or have returned to the office full-time, health, safety, and convenience are at the top of their minds.

Let’s take a look at a few tech upgrades for the office that improve the employee experience.


Businesses have been investing in workplace health and wellness programs for quite a while. Back in 2015, 90% of surveyed employers believed promoting wellness would influence the productivity and performance of their workers.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, health solutions in the workplace are a priority. Employees don’t want to feel that they’re putting their health at risk by being in the office. 

Here are a few technological advancements that can help:

  • HVAC upgrades that improve and monitor air quality and system health, so employees never have to worry about breathing in contaminated air or requesting emergency maintenance. 
  • Robotic cleaning technology can take some of the workload off of cleaning staff while ensuring that heavy traffic areas stay sanitized.  
  • Occupancy and spatial utilization sensors promote social distancing — for example, monitoring elevator capacity to abide by set limits. 


Tracking financials, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, responding to emails — these are just a few of the routine tasks that bog down employees on a daily basis. And with all the stressors they’re facing these days, workers would benefit from shedding some of that weight. 

The good news is there are plenty of automated software solutions out there that can take these mundane tasks off your employees’ hands. You’ll be happier because when people are out of the office, those tasks will still get done. And employees will be happier because they can focus on higher-level work, develop new skills, and maybe even get a promotion. 

Contactless controls

The future is touch-free. That’s because surfaces throughout the workplace — such as doors, elevator buttons, and light switches — can easily transmit pathogens from one user to the next. And they’re a pain to sanitize. 

So whether your employees want to manage utilities, amenities, or security, smart technology is the solution. With today’s tech tools, they can typically do all this via a mobile app.

And touchless controls don’t just offer an added layer of health and safety — they’re also more convenient to use. Why carry around a bunch of keys, cards, and remotes when you can control everything from your phone? 

Mailroom management

Rising e-commerce and food delivery orders are part of the new normal. And, let’s face it, most mailrooms and lobbies can’t handle heavy volumes of deliveries, especially if they’re short on staff and trying to save space for social distancing. 

If employees are unhappy with how they receive deliveries and mailroom staff find package processing a tedious, time-consuming task, there are some simple solutions — automated mailroom software and smart lockers. Mailroom software streamlines scanning and sorting, so packages get into the hands of recipients faster. And smart package lockers provide a quick, contactless way for employees to pick up their orders.

Through technological advancements like these, businesses can boost their daily operations and ensure their employees are safe, comfortable, and productive in the office. And the benefits of technology adoption won’t end with the pandemic — embracing the latest tech will keep business booming for years to come. 

If you’re ready to improve the employee experience by adding mailroom software and smart lockers to your property, contact us today.