With e-commerce rates at an all-time high and mail couriers strapped for resources, it’s no surprise that these stressors accumulate in your office’s mailroom. Package loss, mislabeled outgoing mail, and time-stressed employees are a few of the problems your mailroom may face. Not to mention, there may be a literal lack of space for all the packages. A smart locker will solve all of these issues by adding organization and security while saving employees time. An investment in smart lockers is an investment in your company culture. Here, we break down a few ways that a smart locker can solve your office mailroom problems. 


Decrease Package Loss and Theft


Aiming to protect the final yard of a delivery, smart locker platforms like Smiota prioritize security, traceability, and transparency in their mission. At every level from design to operation, smart lockers are secure. 

  • Hardware: Made from heavy-gauge steel, the lockers keep packages safe until the recipient is ready to pick them up. 
  • Software: The cloud-based software ensures that the mailroom has a full record of the chain of custody from delivery to pick up. 

Package thefts will be a thing of the past! Even accidental losses and mailroom mix-ups won’t be a problem. With the detailed tracking in the software, mailroom staff will always be able to provide a thorough answer to those dreaded “Where is my package?!” phone calls. 

Secure and Sensitive

This added security is ideal for the office mailroom. Your employees can be confident in mailing and receiving sensitive documents and materials. The tracking software will ensure that nothing ends up in the wrong hands.  Also, your employees will even be grateful to have the perk of receiving their own personal packages to the smart lockers. To avoid package theft at their own houses, many employees may order personal packages to their office. Giving employees personal access to the smart lockers will provide peace of mind and increase employee efficiency when they don’t need to worry about getting to the mailroom at a specific time.


smiota package locker


Organize Deliveries By Recipient


 While chaotic mountains of packages have become the standard for office mailrooms (never mind the endless stream of paper mail), smart lockers create more physical storage space at the same time as they maintain a flawless organization system. Everything goes through the easily integrated software…No high tech required! All that’s needed is a smartphone or tablet. 

All It Takes Is an App

In addition to the simplicity of the physical lockers, the mailroom app simply increases the system’s efficiency and ease. From the moment the mailroom staff scans the package in, each article is itemized in the system. Loaded into an individual module through the back of the lockers, the recipient will then receive a notification that their package has arrived. With an easy swipe of a QR code, the respective locker will pop open and finally release the delivery from the system. This ensures that the mailroom has a record of the complete transaction. 

Fun Fact: If a single person receives more than one package, they will all be consolidated in the same locker, keeping everything as streamlined as possible.


Reduce Stress for All


While smart lockers provide seamless security and organization for office mailrooms, the system isn’t complicated. In fact, the Smiota app makes everything from registering deliveries to contactless pick-up easy to learn. You won’t need to put in hours of extra effort onboarding your office to the new system! For both mailroom staff and general office employees, integrating a smart locker into the mailroom will reduce everyone’s stress levels. 

In fact, smart lockers save mailroom employees valuable energy, by reducing the time managing deliveries by 75%. This frees up time for more engaged customer service and saves you money on manpower. 

General office culture will improve as well. Without long mailroom lines or package mix-ups, employees will be more in control of their time. They’ll get a notification when their package is ready, and then can pick it up when it works for their schedules. 

Contactless Pickup

Increasing office efficiency is a plus no matter how you slice it. But the COVID pandemic has emphasized the need for better sanitization practices and crowd reduction. In addition to reducing time in lines and crowded mailrooms, smart lockers systems prioritize cleanliness. Design your system with UV sanitization and antimicrobial materials to reduce the spread of pathogens. Additionally, because of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the locker door opens without the recipient even having to touch the kiosk. It’s a truly contactless pickup.


A Simple Solution


Cleaner, safer, and more organized? With a smart locker, your office mailroom will set a new standard of efficiency. If you’re ready to solve your office mailroom problems with a smart locker system and software, reach out to us today!