Whether you’re dealing with a multifamily property or managing a business, you’ve probably noticed how the rise of online shopping has dramatically transformed day-to-day operations. Plans that worked for mail management a decade ago are no match for the avalanche of packages coming in today. 

If your staff is getting overwhelmed with the package burden and your tenants seem disappointed with how their packages are handled, you might be thinking of ways to improve the situation. 

Here are a few advantages of package lockers that might make them a good fit for your property.

Prevent package theft

As e-commerce grows, so does package theft. Nearly 40% of Americans have had their packages stolen, and it’s a crime that’s grown by almost 600% since 2010. 

Although there are a variety of strategies for deterring thieves — from installing security cameras to equipping units with smart locks — not all of them are reliable. For example, while a camera might catch the thief on tape, the footage might not be clear enough to lead to an arrest. And these criminals can easily swipe a package and run off before someone in the building responds to an alarm. 

If you’ve already installed cameras, floodlights, and other security measures, but tenants are still experiencing package theft or choosing to send their packages to another address, it might be time to look into package lockers. Package lockers can only be unlocked with a unique code from the recipient — this ensures deliveries stay safe until they’re picked up by their rightful owners.

Save space, time, and money

Gone are the days when office or residential mailrooms handled a package or two every once in a while. Nowadays, property management staff may receive as many as 80 incoming packages a day during the busy holiday shipping months — too many for a small mailroom to log, organize, and secure. 

Not only do packages take up a lot of space, but it takes a considerable amount of time for staff to process and distribute those deliveries. And time is money. Maybe you originally hired those employees to take on other responsibilities, and they’re now devoting a large portion of their time to managing packages. Maybe you’ve even had to hire additional staff to cover the workload. 

In many cases, packages lockers solve all of these issues by creating a designated, secure location for packages that’s easily accessible to couriers and tenants. This eliminates the need for assistance from building staff, freeing them up to focus on their primary tasks.  

Satisfy tenants with technology

You may have already heard residents or employees voice concerns about your current package management process. Have they had packages stolen or lost? Do they have to wait in line for staff assistance or try to arrange their days around the mailroom office to pick up packages? Are employees distracted at their office or missing work because they want to ensure the safety of their personal deliveries? 

You may want to survey tenants to see how they feel about the current situation and what kind of package solutions they would value most. Ask them if they would consider package lockers a beneficial amenity or workplace perk

In one recent survey, over 65% of tenants considered package lockers to be moderately or very valuable. And as technology gains traction in residential and commercial properties, that percentage will likely go up. More than 75% of property managers believe adopting the latest technologies keeps their tenants satisfied, while nearly 85% say those technologies bring in new residents. 

Whether you’re hoping to incorporate new technologies or complement existing systems, automated package lockers can help you achieve your goals. They deliver a higher level of convenience and security to your renters and employees while granting them access to the latest in package management solutions. 

To make lockers even easier to install and use, Smiota’s smart package lockers are backed by technology that integrates with your software programs and backend systems. This allows you to see real-time updates and analytics data so you can precisely measure how the lockers benefit your building staff and tenants.

If you’re still not sure that lockers are the right package management solution for your business or building, contact us to learn more about Smiota’s smart package lockers.