With the rise of ecommerce — meal kit deliveries, retail shopping, groceries, and more — apartment building mailrooms have themselves become hubs of commerce. With ecommerce sales expected to make up nearly 22% of all retail sales by the year 2025, it’s no surprise that mailrooms are overwhelmed, which clutters common spaces/lobbies, and ultimately leads to higher risk of package theft.

Residents expect their packages to remain safe before they’re able to pick them up; and failing to secure deliveries is a surefire way to earn a poor reputation and deter potential renters. Furthermore, apartment residents want to know that their mailroom isn’t making errors in shipping & receiving — something that can greatly impede tenants’ side hustles and overall satisfaction.

Now more than ever it is critical to offer amenities that attract and retain quality renters. Let’s explore how you can optimize your apartment mailroom to ensure deliveries are kept safe and residents are kept happy.


Utilize Smart Locker Technology

Smiota Smart Lockers are the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to level up your apartment mailroom and make a difference in your tenants’ lives. You’ve probably already experienced packages piling up in lobbies or other common spaces, leaving them prone to porch pirates and other bad actors. Additionally, with the prevalence of grocery delivery, meal kits, and other sensitive items, residents loathe to come home to spoiled food or DOA items. With temperature-controlled lockers and 24/7/365, secure accessibility, tenants can rest easy knowing their items will be stored properly and safely until they are able to retrieve their items.

Additional benefits that smart lockers offer to your apartment mailroom include:

  • State-of-the-art security: Your lockers are only as good as their security. That’s why all of Smiota’s smart lockers are equipped with innovative measures to ensure each package reaches its destination. With heavy gauge steel construction, package sensors, video surveillance, automated transaction recording, and end-to-end encryption, bad actors and porch pirates are sure to walk away disappointed.
  • Convenience: In an age where convenience is key, smart lockers allow residents to pick up their items at any time. Pickups take mere seconds with unique access PINs and in-app features.
  • Detailed analytics: By generating automated, real-time analytics reports, you can more easily manage and oversee all deliveries and gain actionable insights on how to optimize your mailroom — when busy hours are, how frequent maintenance should be performed, etc.
  • Safe, contactless deliveries and pickups: The pandemic showed us all to expect the unexpected. Smiota smart lockers not only allow for contactless delivery in the event of a disease outbreak, they are equipped with UV-C technology and antimicrobial shields to ensure the spread of harmful pathogens is minimized. 
  • Seamless integration: Smiota smart lockers and mailroom automation software will seamlessly integrate with any existing hardware or software infrastructure you have. 

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Upgrade and Relocate Your Mailroom

They say the most important part of buying real estate is location, location, location. And the same can be said for where your mailroom is located. Ensuring your apartment building’s mailroom is easily accessible, brightly lit, and well equipped to deal with large delivery volumes is critical in maintaining resident satisfaction.

Enlist additional security methods to further deter bad actors — video surveillance, keycard accessibility, and more goes a long way in showing residents you care about their wellbeing. Upgrading your apartment mailroom infrastructure is a breeze using Smiota’s effortless task management software as well:

  • Create and manage rooms: Utilizing our secure software platform, you can create in-app rooms, assign names to them, and categorize them however you please. This is especially critical if you manage multiple facilities. 
  • Build custom task lists: Simplify upkeep by creating customized maintenance schedules, assign tasks to different employees, and track progress all with a few clicks of a button. 
  • Generate reports: Take advantage of predictive analytics reports to maximize mailroom efficiency and track the complete chain of custody. 

All of these features and more are standard with all Smiota Smart Locker solutions in order to help you streamline operations and maximize mailroom efficiency.


Optimize the Mailroom Layout

Especially important for larger multifamily residential complexes, optimizing the layout of your mailroom helps keep employees organized so tasks don’t fall through the cracks and ultimately lead to unsatisfied residents. 

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

1. Improve storage by grouping similar items together and properly labeling everything.

2. Analyze how the space is utilized to gain a better understanding of the supplies and equipment that are necessary. If certain gadgets aren’t utilized frequently, perhaps they could be stored elsewhere. The first step toward a more efficient mailroom is decluttering.

3. Utilize analytics reports and resident satisfaction surveys to glean insights into what tenant priorities are and what they need. Does a large portion of your building use meal kit deliveries? Perhaps it’s time to install climate-controlled smart lockers. Are there peak traffic times? Maybe you should adjust mailroom hours accordingly.

Smiota Smart Lockers Are Your Best Resource For Optimizing Apartment Mailrooms

Mailroom optimization for apartment buildings and condos is our bread and butter. Smiota’s smart locker solutions, automated mailroom software, and other technology integrations are your go-to resource for facilities with a centralized receiving hub and multiple delivery locations. We can help you organize your mailroom in minutes through our enterprise-grade software that can turn any room into a state-of-the-art, secure package delivery center.

There’s no fancy equipment necessary, quick and easy package logging, and full chain of custody tracking for every solution we offer.

Learn more about our comprehensive mailroom software or get in touch to start optimizing your apartment mailroom today!