What’s a porch pirate’s favorite time of the year? If you guessed the holiday season, you’re correct. No other time rivals the flood of deliveries we see as the year winds down. So it’s no surprise that nearly a quarter of holiday shoppers have concerns about package theft this year. 

And the number of package theft victims is steadily climbing — the latest data suggest that that the majority (57%) of online shoppers have their packages delivered to an unsecured outdoor area, like a front porch or doorstep. This often leaves packages easily visible and almost 40% of Americans have had packages stolen. It may have something to do with the fact vulnerable to theft.

As a property manager, you’re probably feeling pressured to keep your residents’ deliveries safe, especially during the busiest shopping season of the year. Here are a few ways to keep those gifts out of the hands of package snatchers.

Keep tenants informed

Although some residents may already be taking their own precautions to prevent package theft and loss, it’s a good idea to stay in communication with them regarding deliveries. 

If you have a building mailroom, remind tenants of the office hours, especially if they will change over the holidays. Also, encourage prompt pickups. The annual onslaught of packages creates a greater risk for staff to accidentally misplace or damage deliveries, so the sooner packages leave the mailroom, the easier it will be to stay organized. 

You might also ask tenants how they’d like to receive their packages. For example, in one survey, nearly 60% of tenants said they prefer to have their packages delivered directly to their doors rather than picking them up from a front office. It’s more convenient and ensures they receive their orders on time. 

If your tenants already collect packages at their doors or other unsecured locations, make sure to provide some tips for protecting deliveries. You might encourage tenants to: 

  • Pay close attention to tracking information and pick up their packages as soon as possible.
  • Schedule deliveries for a time when they’ll be home or use services like Amazon Day.
  • Make alternative arrangements (deliver to work, a neighbor, a post office, etc.).
  • Use BOPIS services at local stores.

Enhance building security

The holidays are a great time to think about upgrading your property’s security.

Surveillance cameras may not stop thieves from walking away with a prize, but they can capture evidence. Consider installing cameras in lobbies, hallways, entrances, and any other places where couriers commonly leave packages. When monitoring footage, be aware that package thieves could be people with building access — a tenant may steal from another tenant, for example. And some thieves come armed with clever tricks or disguises so they won’t raise suspicions on camera. 

Other ways to improve security include installing floodlights, posting warning signs, and switching to smart locks. Smart locks allow tenants to unlock their doors remotely so delivery personnel can drop off packages inside.

Lastly, hiring extra security staff and extending mailroom hours for the holidays increases the likelihood that packages are picked up quickly and are never left completely unattended.

Take advantage of package lockers

If you’re looking for absolute, automated package security, package lockers are your best solution. Almost 25% of tenants are interested in having their packages delivered via package lockers, and 66% would consider these lockers a valuable amenity. Here’s why.

With package lockers, neither couriers nor tenants require assistance to deposit and retrieve packages. The lockers remain accessible at all times, even outside of business hours. This makes lockers just as convenient as delivering packages to residents’ doors, but without the risk. 

Package lockers can also accommodate gifts of all shapes and sizes — from a bestselling book to a big-screen TV. And if your tenants order temperature-sensitive items like groceries or prescriptions, they’ll stay cool in frozen or refrigerated lockers.  

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