Managing day-to-day business operations can be an overwhelming task. So the last thing you need to be thinking about is whether or not your building’s rooms, offices, and meeting spaces are clean and ready for the day ahead. 

That’s why Smiota developed Smiota Service, a software solution aimed at improving operational efficiency at the workplace by managing operations and maintenance tasks in enterprise facilities. This software is part of Smiota’s Facilities Enterprise Suite, which also includes Smiota Mailroom

Smiota Service is a highly flexible platform where administrators can create, edit, delete, and manage tasks and rooms. Admins can also use the platform to generate recurring reports to meet Service-Level Agreement (SLA) requirements. 

Here’s an in-depth look at what makes Smiota Service easy to use and beneficial for businesses.

Using the Smiota Service web portal

Smiota Service includes a comprehensive administrative dashboard, accessible via a web portal. Using this portal, facility administrators can manage rooms, assign tasks, and monitor service staff performance.

Room management

Through the web portal, administrators create new rooms by choosing a room name and selecting its type (Conference Room, Print & Copy Room, Cafeteria, etc.). If they’re managing multiple facilities, users can specify the buildings in which the rooms are located. There is also a field to set the service frequency for each room. 

Smiota Service Room Management

The dashboard includes easy access to a complete room list, organized by room type. 

Smiota Service room type

Task management

To create a new task, users simply choose a task name, provide details and instructions in the “Description” text box, and assign the task to a room type.

Smiota Service task management

The software provides an overview of all tasks, organized by room type.

Smiota Service All Room Tasks

Report management

A single click grants users access to a comprehensive list of rooms, room types, buildings, service staff, tasks, starting and ending times/dates, service durations, and notes filled in by the staff. Here, administrators can view tasks performed in real-time to ensure that SLAs are met.

Smiota Service All Completed Tasks

They can also generate SLA reports based on frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, days of the week, and days of the month), date range, building, and room type. These details are customizable using the drop-down menus displayed on top of the page. The reports present this data in the form of charts and tables, as shown in the example below.

Smiota Service SLA Reporting

Using the Smiota Service app

Through an easy-to-use mobile app, service staff can keep track of their activities in real-time. The app makes tracking tasks a quick, effortless process.  

  1. The staff member installs the mobile app on their device, signs in, and selects “Enter Room.”

Smiota Service Mobile - Enter Room

  1. Users scan the barcode located outside the room that needs service. If the room is occupied or unable to be serviced for other reasons, they can select “Cannot Enter Room?” to postpone task completion. 

Smiota Service Mobile Barcode

  1. After scanning the barcode, the list of tasks assigned to that room will appear. The service staff member should check off each task as it’s completed. Once done, they will tap “Finish.”

Smiota Service Mobile Task List

The Smiota Service app is currently only available for Android devices (iOS-compatible mobile app coming soon). 

Have questions about Smiota Service? Contact us for more information.