Smart lockers continue to pop up in areas around town: colleges, libraries, apartment complexes, and other likely locations. With new technology and improved systems, there comes a learning curve. This can be a stressful adjustment for people, especially those who are less fluent in apps, tablets, and smartphones. Luckily, when it comes to using a package locker, the process is an easy breeze to figure out. Smart lockers actually do wonders for eliminating stressors from the delivery process. 

But to clear up any question you might have about how this process works, here’s a step-by-step guide to apartment package lockers. This will irradicate any inkling of confusion or stress as you go about incorporating these smart lockers into your residents’ daily routines. Plus, you’ll have a better understanding of what all is possible. Food deliveries, IT hand-offs, and more! 


Step One: Update Your Smartphone And Download The Smiota App


It’s true: in order to use these smart lockers, your residents will need to have access to a smartphone, computer, or tablet of some kind. This is an important link in connecting the steps to the process, so make sure that all phones and Smiota POD apps are up-to-date and ready for smooth sailing. Trust me, it will make the whole process that much smoother. 


Step Two: Courier Drop Off


Once the smart locker process is underway, it will look strikingly similar to how mail and packages have always been delivered from warehouses, restaurants, and businesses, via courier. 

When the courier arrives at your apartment package lockers, they use their own smart tablet to select the appropriately sized locker for each package. Then, they enter the recipient’s name to assign the locker to them. 

The courier will carefully place the deliverables inside the locker and will securely close and lock the compartment before departing. 

The locker will stay locked until the recipient arrives to collect the package – and the delivered goods will stay safe and secure from package thieves – a huge problem plaguing people all over the world. And it’s not just take-out food that goes missing. Many of us cannot afford to miss or lose a delivery of prescriptions, work supplies, or important equipment. Because the courier is now able to secure the delivery in a smark locker, these items will be safe and waiting for your residents’ arrival. What a relief. 


Step Three: “You’ve Got A Package”


As the courier assigns the locker, the Smiota app will alert each resident. These messages arrive in an immediate fashion, so they’ll know right away when your goods have arrived. No more wondering, double-checking, or hassling. They’ll know


Step Four: Visit Locker At Earliest Convenience


Package lockers are made for your convenience. When residents receive the notification that mail has arrived, they can immediately run to grab it. But maybe a resident’s day is hectic and long, and they aren’t able to get around to picking up the package until late in the evening – that’s okay too! 

A package locker will enable your residents to work with their own schedules. Package delivery is no longer determined by a front desk, office hours, or vulnerability to package thieves. You can mosey down to the apartment lockers at a time that works in your day, eliminating inconvenient time constraints and making things easier for you and your residents.


Step Four: Open Locker With Passcode or Cell Phone


When it comes to opening your assigned smart locker, you can choose your own adventure. 

Some people prefer to use their 5 digit passcode to open their locker. Others automatically open the locker with a simple swipe of their smartphone via the Smiota POD app. Either way, it’s a piece of cake. As residents familiarize themselves with the process, they’ll get a sense of their own preferences and can choose accordingly. 


Step Five: Grab and Go!


Last, residents need to only enter their passcode or open the locker via the app and voilà! The assigned locker will open. They can retrieve their package or delivery, grab it and go on with life – without using the time and resources of your other staff.

Smart lockers are temperature controlled, which means that deliveries like food, flowers, and other perishables will have a longer life span while awaiting their arrival in their eager hands. 

If any questions do arise as you go about this process, smart lockers have 24/7 customer support options. It is yet another perk of these forward-thinking systems – you can ask for help at any hour of the day or night. 

Thus concludes this step-by-step guide of what to expect with smart lockers, and also a showcase of just how user-friendly this technology can be. It’ll take you no time at all to feel comfortable with this new delivery method and enjoy the ease and security these lockers provide.