Boxes large, small, and everywhere in between are taking over lobbies and mailrooms in multifamily buildings across the country. The reason is simple — the vast majority of Americans (81%) shop online because it’s convenient and affordable.

However, since online shopping is a relatively new convenience, it’s putting a strain on property managers who don’t have the technology and infrastructure to support the package deluge. Package management systems — like lockers and mailroom software — can take the weight of the world (or at least a few dozen packages) off your shoulders.

Smiota’s package management systems increase operational efficiency.

You probably didn’t hire your employees to manually track and handle mail — their time is better spent enhancing the renter experience. Smiota’s smart package lockers and mailroom solutions replace outdated systems reliant on pens, paper, and a designated employee. With Smiota’s technology in-house, you and your staff can focus on core tasks.

Smiota PoDs

Our high-tech package lockers, called PoDs, keep parcels safe and secure. The software powering the PoDs automates pick-up and drop-offs for couriers, residents, and employees.


Smiota’s package lockers are user-friendly and easy to implement on both the property management and resident side. Plus, PoDs can handle parcels of all types and sizes — even perishables like the increasingly-popular meal kit.

Key features and benefits:

  • Customizable locker configurations allow you to create your own bank that fits your unique space and package management needs
  • Automation technology eliminates the need for staff to sort and deliver packages
  • Secure PoDs solve package theft issues
  • Robust administrative tools create chain of custody reports and other powerful metrics to better inform big decisions
  • Refrigerated, dry cleaning, and oversized lockers available

Smiota Mailroom

Smiota’s app-based mailroom software turns any secure room into a highly efficient mail depot. This powerful mailroom software is an excellent solution for property managers that don’t have space for PoDs but still want to take advantage of technology that automates even the most tedious day-to-day tasks.

Key features and benefits:

  • Point-and-scan technology swiftly captures recipient name and tracking number, automatically recording all critical delivery data in less than five seconds
  • Couriers can easily scan multiple packages for a single recipient
  • A complete chain of custody record is available for every package transaction
  • Mailroom software automatically reminds tenants to pick up their packages
  • Tenants can delegate another resident to pick up packages

Package management systems are powerful differentiators for attracting and retaining renters.

Renters have a sharp eye for building amenities. Not only do package management systems let current and potential tenants know you’re future-thinking, but they communicate an unwavering commitment to renter happiness.

Here are just a few reasons why today’s renters love Smiota:   

  • Packages are available 24/7, so residents can pick deliveries whenever it’s convenient  
  • Out of the box, lockers and mailrooms are free for tenants to use
  • The Smiota Delivery App provides real-time notifications
  • Lockers open via smartphone Bluetooth — no more remembering PINs or confirmation codes!

Using Smiota’s mailroom solutions positions you as an industry leader.

The best property managers know how to make everyone happy, including property owners, tenants, and building staff. Choosing Smiota’s inventive software to drive your package management system can do all three — and have your peers wondering how you got your property’s Google and Facebook ratings up so high.

Investing in forward-thinking technology like Smiota mailroom and PoDs also shows off your ability to recognize and be proactive about emerging industry issues, like packages arriving at your (and everyone else’s door) at an alarming rate. Our solutions are ahead of smart home technology trends that are not only logistically efficient, but a significant value-add for all stakeholders.

Let’s talk about how to implement package management software and technology at your multifamily property. Book a time to chat with our team here.

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