If you’re a reader of our blog, you know that multifamily renters love smart amenities that can be enjoyed year-round, like package lockers and keyless locks. However, the second Mother Nature lifts the blanket of winter, tenants start dreaming of lounging by the pool and barbeques under the sun.

The arrival of summer is the perfect time to put the spotlight on a sometimes-overlooked multifamily amenity: shared outdoor spaces. Use your free real estate to create an unbeatable oasis that residents and their guests can enjoy just a few steps from their front door.

Essentials for an Incredible Communal Outdoor Space


Apartment amenity trends come and go, but you can’t go wrong with a pool. Sep Niakan, the owner of a luxury condo complex in Miami, says, “People expect a pool to be able to cool off on the hot summer days, or to sit poolside to catch a tan the rest of the year.”

So if you don’t have a communal pool but do have room to install one, consider allocating a portion of your budget to construct one. And if you already have a pool, make sure it’s shining and ready before the first real “pool day” of the year!

Grilling station

There’s nothing like a made-to-order burger fresh off the grill. However, in many apartments and condos, there’s not ample room for a full-size grill on individual patios.

Your residents shouldn’t have to miss out on summer food just because they live in a multifamily community! A built-in grilling station will serve as a natural gathering spot for residents and their visitors to enjoy a nice meal together. Just don’t forget to post operation instructions and safety tips!  

Upgraded patio furniture

Lounging under the sun is the ultimate summer relaxation activity, so why not offer your residents the chance to relax in style? Trade the old, plastic loungers in for sturdy wicker or aluminum furniture with outdoor cushions and matching tables.

You’ll pay a bit more upfront for upgraded patio furniture, but it’ll give your outdoor spaces a huge facelift and last longer than plastic.


A concrete desert is hardly synonymous with “outdoor oasis.” Luckily, a little greenery can completely transform your communal outdoor spaces. You can keep landscaping simple with some colorful potted plants or call in a professional to create a cohesive design that will grow in beautifully year after year.

Thoughtful landscaping isn’t just enjoyable to look at — it also adds value to your property. Plus, having plants around has positive psychological effects.


When designing a place for your residents to lounge this summer, don’t forget to offer refuge from the summer sun. Get some tables with umbrellas or a pergola for people to relax under when the rays get just a tad too intense. Given some shade, people will be able to enjoy the space for longer — and avoid sunburns!

Safety tip: Keep water available in the lobby to help residents and guests avoid becoming dehydrated.

Already have your outdoor spaces ready for summer? Give your lobby a facelift with a custom package locker installation!

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