As a property manager, you can easily get caught up in day-to-day tasks like writing up leases, fielding package deliveries, and coordinating maintenance requests. While those tedious tasks are critical for tenant satisfaction, don’t underestimate the impact a well-organized event can have on resident happiness.

Don’t wait to start planning — summer is the perfect time to bring the community together for fun in the sun.

Summer Event Ideas for Multifamily Property Managers

Book swap

Lounging under the sun with an enticing book is a favorite pastime for many folks, but once read, books tend to take up permanent residence on a bookshelf. Encourage your residents to share their love of reading (and clear some clutter) with a book swap!

You can go about a book swap in one of two ways: by collecting reading material continuously and allowing residents to peruse as time allows or by making an event out of the collection and distribution. Either way, a book swap is a sure way to get residents talking about their reading choices — you might be surprised at the bonds that form!

Game night

Game nights are an affordable, entertaining way to get competitive people out of their apartments and into a chair at a card table.

Since anyone can play a board or card game inside their own apartment, consider offering refreshments and light appetizers. Encourage people to bring their favorite games like Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, or a classic deck of cards, but you should also have a couple choices available for folks who might not own board games. Keep an eye out for heated competitions in the laid-back “game night” setting — you might want to host a tournament later on!

Community potluck

Nothing brings people together like good food and conversation, and a community potluck incorporates both. Sharing old-age family recipes and innovative dishes with fellow tenants is a great way to make sure people feel included and cared about in their community.  

Hosting a potluck can be as simple as posting flyers and social media posts about the event, setting up tables and seating, and providing a few power strips for incorporating the inevitable Crock Pot. The best part about potlucks is you can hold them rain or shine!

Ice cream social

An ice cream social is another event that’s sure to draw people of all ages. This family-friendly idea is an excellent way for families to meet each other and enjoy a cold treat under the sun.

This simple yet crowd-pleasing event isn’t a complicated one to plan. Post flyers and post a Facebook event a few weeks ahead of time. Head to your local wholesale grocer and pick up plenty of ice cream, cones, fudge, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cutlery, bowls, and plastic tablecloths. If you have an outdoor entertaining space, funnel people outside after they grab their treat. That way, drips will end up on the concrete or grass, not the floor of your lobby.

Volunteering event

Kind-hearted tenants will jump at the opportunity to volunteer, especially if it’s for a cause they hold near and dear. Are your tenants pet lovers? Set up a volunteer day at a local animal shelter. Do your renters prioritize improving environmental health? Organize a day to clean up a stretch of a highway or a nearby park.

Whatever activity you choose, get a good buzz going about the event at least four weeks ahead of time so you can get an accurate headcount. Get t-shirts made up to create a cohesive group, and consider providing a meal after the event so your participants can mingle with like-minded residents.

Free fitness classes

Residents who frequent your fitness facilities would happily take advantage of free courses. Yoga, Zumba, strength training — there are classes available for all interests and fitness levels these days. Plus, summertime is perfect for learning new skills outside!

To organize free fitness classes, contact local gyms to see if they have instructors available to teach on site. If you don’t have the space to host classes, you can also purchase vouchers for sessions at a closeby facility.

Tie-dye party

Fun for kids and adults alike, a tie-dye party can yield a healthy turnout.

Purchase plenty of dyes, rubber bands, plain white t-shirts, pillowcases, headbands, tote bags, and whatever else you can think of that’s begging for a splash of color. Hand out informational cards on tie-dye techniques and directions, get some fun music blasting through a
Bluetooth speaker, and let the creativity flow. Tie-dying can get a little messy, so it might be best to host outdoors.  

Movie night on the lawn

There’s something about watching a flick outside on a warm summer night that people can’t resist. The best part about hosting movie night is you can adjust the event to accommodate different age groups. Animated favorites are great for kids, rom-coms are perfect for a ladies night, classics appeal to film buffs and seniors — the possibilities are endless.

All you need for a movie night setup is a projector screen or large white sheet, an open space (think a parking lot, courtyard, or lawn), a projector, and a favorite film. A popcorn machine doesn’t hurt, either! Encourage your tenants to bring snacks, drinks, and lawn chairs to settle in for a relaxing evening under the stars.

Silent auction

A silent auction is a low-key, yet still social, event that can be held indoors or out. The key is to offer things like offer appetizers and drinks (for the 21 and up crowd, of course) to encourage residents to stick around until you announce the final winners!

The biggest challenge of holding a silent auction is gathering all the items up for auction. Reach out to your tenants and local businesses — you’ll likely be surprised with what they come up with! When all the prizes are cleared and funds are collected, donate the proceeds to a charity that means a lot to your community.  

Yard sale

Speaking of things ending up on shelves, chances are your residents have some things they’d rather let go of than dust off every week. This summer, organize a community-wide yard sale to help your residents purge and meet some of the other people in the complex.

A community yard sale takes a fair amount of planning, but the biggest hurdle is choosing the right day. Avoid scheduling a yard sale on a holiday weekend or days that coincide with other events in the area like festivals or concerts. Instead, keep an eye on your community Facebook page or classifieds to find the most common garage and yard sales dates. That way, you’ll draw in the people milling around town looking for a great deal. Proceeds from the yard sale could go to the individuals selling, towards a shared amenity, or to a charity.

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