The accelerated adoption of smart lockers has driven businesses to think about how the technology can do more than facilitate package delivery. In this webinar, Waheed Rasheed and Larry Dorf from Smiota discuss how two companies have streamlined processes and increased efficiency in their supply chains by implementing smart lockers. 

Inefficiencies in the supply chain 

Supply chain management is complex at any scale, which leaves room for human error and massive inefficiencies. For example, think about how service technicians for large telecommunications companies retrieve equipment for customer repairs and upgrades. They either have to: 

  1. Wait in line at the warehouse to pick up and return equipment OR 
  2. Head to a retail location to pick up items that have been transferred there from the warehouse 

While technicians are generally able to get what they need and be on their way, some things can stand in the way of a productive workday, including:  

  • Navigating incorrect inventory roadblocks 
  • Spending time in line waiting to pick up equipment 
  • Traveling to warehouses that aren’t easily accessible 

This is where contactless smart lockers can help. Below is a quick example of how equipment can be distributed to technicians using the technology.

  1. Warehouse employees deposit equipment for multiple technicians into the smart lockers 
  2. Technicians are automatically notified via email and/or text that their equipment is ready for pickup 
    1. They approach the locker and use their smartphone app to unlock the door and retrieve the equipment 
    2. They can drop off any equipment that needs to go back to the warehouse into the lockers
  3. Warehouse workers pick up any equipment that remains in the lockers at the end of the day and return it to the central warehouse 

Creating an efficient process like this can save you thousands of dollars and give you more time to focus on clients and customers. 

More benefits of using smart lockers for supply chain management
  • Outdoor lockers allow for 24/7 access to equipment
  • Automated transactions create an opportunity for you to reduce warehouse operating hours
  • High transaction capacity gives warehouse drivers the chance to drop off equipment for multiple technicians and jobs to one centralized location
  • Contactless deposit and pickups enable safe transactions and social distancing
  • Cutting-edge reporting and software records full chain of custody on new and returned equipment  

How one company saved millions of dollars by using Smiota smart lockers

One nation-wide company was able to save millions of dollars by implementing Smiota smart lockers at their warehouses. Their biggest supply chain challenge was managing multiple warehouses across the country — the way their technicians were picking up and dropping off equipment was inefficient at best. 
By installing smart lockers, they were able to: 

  • Reallocate the technicians who had been managing equipment pickup and drop-offs at the warehouse
  • Consolidate equipment that’s ready for pickup into centrally-located lockers 

Smiota also worked with them to create more custom workflows that helped reduce warehouse overcrowding and allowed for social distancing. Streamlining these processes helped them save thousands of hours (and millions of dollars). 

Smart lockers can streamline supply chain management of all sizes

It’s not just industry giants that can benefit from smart lockers. Businesses of all sizes have been able to yield a substantial ROI as well. In fact, one midwest-based HVAC parts distributor with just 10 retail locations was able to eliminate their second shift and significantly reduce process inefficiencies by installing smart lockers. 
Stream the webinar to hear more about use cases and client stories.