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UNLV Student Residence Halls Integrates Smiota’s Package Lockers

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UNLV has chosen Smiota to manage thousands of packages received by student residence halls. Smiota, a leading provider of cloud based package management solutions is the first to offer a fully integrated Mailroom app with Smiota PoD smart lockers to efficiently receive thousands of packages daily.

Smiota PoD smart lockers offer students 24×7 convenience and secure access to their packages.While the Smiota Mailroom app receives packages very quickly (less than 5 seconds per package), it also speeds up the deposit of packages into Smiota PoD smart lockers with single scan of tracking.

Introducing Smiota’s cloud based package management solution has significantly reduced the time taken to process hundreds of packages received daily while offering 1,800 of students living at UNLV student residence halls a convenient way to pick-up their packages. With an increase in ecommerce shipments, we required a highly efficient solution for our mailroom staff but also one that offers a great user experience for our students, said Warren Porter, Director of student housing.

Warren Porter, Director of Operations
AVS Housing Group, Inc.

Smiota’s package management platform is designed for efficiency and convenience especially in closed campus environments such as UNLV student residence halls. We are excited to offer a fully integrated solution that solves are real delivery problem faced at university campuses while offering an amazing package experience for students, staff and faculty. If you are interested in a demo of the integrated solution, please call 925.270.4321 or email us at marketing@smiota.com.

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