We believe in making your job easier — that is, of course, what our package lockers aim to do. However, the shopping process isn’t always easy. So, we put together this analysis of the major package locker systems out there: Smiota, Parcel Pending, Luxer One, and other competitors.

Before reading on, know that we’re not going to focus on price here. There’s too much more to consider when choosing which package locker system is going to be the right fit for you.

If you’re not quite sure if package lockers are a viable solution for your building, we suggest taking a step back and reading our guide to package management systems. You’d be surprised how many different ways package lockers help boost productivity and attract desirable tenants.

Ready to get comparing? Let’s start with connectivity.


Package lockers require two things to operate: power and internet connectivity. Here are the requirements for each of the major systems.

Smiota: Single 15 Amp; Smiota WiFi, 4G, ethernet

Parcel Pending: 15 Amp Dedicated; ethernet

Luxer One: 15 Amp Dedicated; wired

Others: 15 Amp (dedicated preferred); wired

Mobile apps

There truly is an app for everything, including package lockers. While each of the major systems have mobile apps that make the user experience smoother, Smiota has a mobile app that will open lockers with Bluetooth technology. Parcel Pending and Luxer One will be releasing their apps with the same capability this year. 

Smiota: iOS; Android

Luxer One: Coming this year

Parcel Pending: Coming this year

Cooling power

If you read our article about meal kits, you know how important having refrigerated lockers is for today’s renters. Cooling power has become a necessity in recent years, and the major package locker manufacturers have listened. Smiota, Luxer One, and Parcel Pending all offer refrigerated units.

Package overflow/limited space

Sometimes space isn’t configured for a large bank of lockers, so it can be hard to find a package management solution that works. Also, there will probably be times where there are more packages coming in than people picking them up… like around the holidays. So while package lockers will take care of your deliveries most of the time, it never hurts to have a contingency plan. Here are features the major manufacturers offer to help combat limited space and package deluges.


  • Smiota Mailroom, software that turns any room into a secure mailroom, is perfect for package overflow or a complete alternative to lockers
  • Wifi connectivity, so you can place lockers anywhere with a power source
  • Admin tools to manage overdue packages
  • Oversized lockers available

Parcel Pending

  • Expert team recommends locker configurations based on your space
  • Reminders sent daily to recipients until packages are picked up
  • Extra large/dry cleaning lockers available

Luxer One

  • Luxer Room, software that turns any room into a secure mailroom
  • Automatic notifications to residents about overdue packages; returns packages to sender after set amount of time
  • Oversized lockers available


  • U-shape, L-shape, and split system configuration options
  • Dry cleaning lockers available

Courier usability

You might love the idea of a specific locker system, but if your couriers don’t, you’re already in trouble. Delivery personnel are used to doing things a certain way. Throw a monkey wrench into things —  in this case, package lockers — and you’ll have to get some serious buy-in from the folks delivering your packages. Let’s break down the selling points of each system as it relates to couriers.


  • 6-9 second courier drop-off time
  • QR code scan or unique PIN for locker access

Parcel Pending

  • 10 second courier drop-off time
  • Dedicated courier support available

Luxer One

  • 10-15 second courier drop-off time
  • Unique ID for building and locker access


  • Barcode scanner for couriers
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen interface

As you can see, there are a ton of things to consider when you’re choosing between package locker systems. If you’re interested in learning more about Smiota’s automated package locker solution, sign up today for a free demo.

Package Locker Comparison