As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, organizations of all types and sizes are coming up with creative ways to serve their patrons — including libraries. And one way to keep people safe, facilitate contactless transactions, and promote social distancing is to implement smart lockers, a project Wilmington Public Library in Wilmington, Illinois, has recently completed. 
The library, which has been operating in limited capacities in recent months, installed Smiota’s smart lockers in a permanent 9’x12’ temperature-controlled structure explicitly designed for this purpose. Not only does the shelter allow for safe, distanced library material pickup, but it keeps people guarded against unpredictable Midwestern weather when they’re picking up their library materials. 
“I don’t want people standing outside, I don’t want people to worry that the cold is going to freeze the locks or that everybody will get soaking wet in a rainstorm or that the materials are going to get wet. So, we started planning a structure,” said Maria Meachum, Wilmington Public Library Director, in a Free Press Advocate article

“When I was looking for a curbside holds and delivery solution during the pandemic, Smiota was quick to respond and flexible to work with. They understood the need and developed a workflow that would hold library books and deliver them to our patrons. 24/7 pickup is an excellent service even in good times.”

Maria Meachum, Library Director

Smart lockers also allow patrons to pick up their materials after hours, and Meachum anticipates using Smiota’s technology to facilitate automatic checkouts. “We’re working with Smiota to integrate the smart locker with our software so that when the patron opens the door, it will trigger an automatic checkout of the things that we put in there,” Meachum reported to Free Press Advocate
Visit Wilmington Public Library’s website to see how the patrons and librarians use Smiota’s smart locker technology in their new building. 
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