We couldn’t be more excited to reveal Smiota’s new look!

As we enter this new chapter, it’s truly humbling to reflect on where we started and how far we’ve come. With the help of an amazing and talented team, in just a few short years we’ve transformed a simple idea — securing the last yard of package delivery — into a suite of package management solutions more powerful than we could have ever imagined.

And today, we’re excited to share our new look with you.



It starts with the new “S.” Two arrows form the letter, representing the simple, seamless, and secure exchange of goods that our package management solutions offer. Our new logo is bolder than ever, acting as an unwavering reminder of our core mission to fearlessly innovate solutions that ensure package deliveries always end up in the right hands.

Our website has a new look, too. The site is sleeker and more user-friendly than ever, with everything you need to get started with Smiota right at your fingertips.

We are grateful to have you along on this journey as we make package management easier for managers of residential buildings, corporate offices, student housing facilities, and retail establishments.

– The Smiota Team