Package lockers are the cherry on top of any multifamily development. There are plenty of reasons to love package lockers, but these are a few of the biggest reasons why they’re popping up in multifamily facilities across the country:

  • They save time on managing package deliveries
  • They provide a desirable amenity for Millennial renters
  • They reduce package theft

There’s no time like the present to make your building as attractive as possible to future tenants. And there’s no reason to wait until your future managers are overwhelmed with package deliveries to have lockers installed. Here are some of the benefits of getting ahead of the curve.

Lockers will enhance your design aesthetic

Chances are you put a lot of thought into your building’s design. By installing package lockers before welcoming your first tenants, you can rest assured that the system fits into your design aesthetic and floor plan.

For example, if you have an accent color used throughout your lobby, you can boost it with a custom color option. Want to create a stronger sense of place in your lobby? Opt for a custom image wrap. Alternatively, package lockers can be made more inconspicuous if you so choose.

red lockersimage wrapped lockerswood grain lockers

Package lockers don’t have to interrupt the flow of your floor plan, either. As long as there’s an outlet and wifi available, the lockers can be installed anywhere. If you need more space for packages, the units can be split up to fit your available space.

Your building will be future-proofed (and draw more rent)

Package lockers will never go out of style. The way e-commerce is growing, package deliveries aren’t going to slow down anytime soon and you can be sure that your lockers will make package management easier for years to come.

Also, with options for refrigerated units, your building will be able to accommodate the rising number of renters subscribing to meal kit and fresh grocery delivery. What’s more, today’s renters look for and will pay more for apartments with smart home features. There’s nothing smarter than a package management system that automatically alerts someone when they have a delivery (and keeps reminding them until it’s picked up)!

Package lockers are energy efficient

If you spent a lot of time making sure that your building runs efficiently down to the light bulb, package lockers will fit right in. You don’t have to worry about having an energy hog installed in your lobby — you can continuing touting any green building certifications proudly. A single 12V outlet is all the power lockers need to keep the tablet interface running and the locking mechanisms operational.

Easy to use interface

Of course, package lockers don’t just exist to make your building look good. At the end of the day, package lockers are a time-saving solution for property managers to keep package deliveries secure. So, you’ll want to think about the end users, meaning future residents and property managers.  

With easy-to-use admin management tools, property managers can remotely open lockers, manage overdue pickups, and request remote support by clicking just a few buttons. The user-friendliness aspect of package lockers paired with the amount of time (and by extension, money) property managers save on package management makes for a perfect solution.

Residents love package lockers, too. With a free mobile app available for iOS and Android, it’s a snap (actually, a tap) to access deliveries as soon as they arrive. Plus, they’ll know that their packages are safe and sound rather than having to worry about “porch pirates.”

Why not install lockers before tenants start rolling in with their furniture and moving boxes? 

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